Saturday, August 27, 2011

Obama's insanity on full display

Fueling the intense anger against President Obama expressed by some of these Members of Congress—and among tens of thousands who waited in overnight lines for the job fairs, with 20 hospitalized from heat prostration in Atlanta—the nation's Narcissist-in-Chief completely ignored the CBC's desperation "jobs tour" to the long-term unemployed. He opposed it with what he called a "jobs tour" of his own, a rural idyll, chatting with businessmen and farmers in the upper Midwest, posing before haystacks, and riding his big black bus, and finally telling a group of (undoubtedly puzzled) Iowa farmers, "The answer to the jobs crisis won't come from Washington; it will come from you." NerObama then headed for the golf courses of Martha's Vineyard.

I guess he means that he's not going to remove himself from the Presidency and pass Glass-Steagall, so it's up to us. However, at the rate he's proving LaRouche right, and with Hurricane Irene accelerating the disintegration of the physical economy (and Obama's mind, as a result of having his vacation interrupted), even Congress might decide they can no longer stand his insanity and treason.