Sunday, August 7, 2011

A perfect example of the "stuff" of the "war on terror"

The incident appears to be the latest in which Afghan civilians have been accidentally killed by NATO military operations. The issue is highly sensitive in Afghanistan after nearly ten years of war.

Explaining what happened, district governor Shadi Khan said: "A group of Taliban attacked a foot patrol of NATO forces.

"Subsequently, an air strike targeted the house of an imam of a mosque in the area. As a result the imam, his wife and six of their children were killed."

How many times does this have to happen before the media admits that it's deliberate? Now, how many of the good guys in the US military are going to die in IED explosions, to "pay" for the crimes of the malevolent, anti-human creatures who run this "war" (and our economic policy)? For more on the nature of this "war," see the "War on Terror: Tit-for-tat misdirected..." link at the top of this site's home page.

THIS is exactly what keeps this war going - the Afghan people are being backed into a corner, and they have no choice but to fight back with the means at their disposal. So, they go down to their local Taliban recruitment office and apply. If we would simply stop committing these atrocities, and otherwise treat them like human beings, they'd gladly dump the Taliban.