Saturday, August 6, 2011

Politicians getting saved

HOUSTON (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry is asking Christians to turn to God for answers to the nation's troubles as he holds court over a national prayer event attended by roughly 30,000 people.

Once again, Chris Hedges' characterization of "Christian" Fundamentalism as a fantasy-based political movement is borne out. I go further, and point out that it's one of the larger front-groups for organized Satanism, and it can be traced back to the Venetian empire. (It got started as Calvinism and Lutheranism, which Venice created in order to start a "religious" war, the Hundred Years War. Its main claim to fame is the supposed discovery of a secret escape hatch, known as "grace," from one's karma.) Perry's real attraction to the Fundies is that he can deliver the "Apocalypse," and the oceans of blood they wish to visit upon the rest of us in order to pave the way for their thousand years of Heaven on Earth. They're in for a real let-down.