Monday, August 1, 2011

Potential allusions to the Anunnaki by Rudolf Steiner

In an attempt to reconcile the writings of the late great Zecharia Sitchin with the writings of Rudolf Steiner, I once concluded that the Anunnaki ("Nephilim" of the OT) were/are "demigod initiates," or that at least some of them were/are. Recently, in the course of reading something that I've been putting off for a long time, I ran across a description of a class of beings which sounds a lot like the Anunnaki:
The evolution of mankind stands under the direction of mighty Leaders who guide its onward progress. In the language of esotericism these Leaders are called Manus. A Manu, therefore, is the Being who at the beginning of a race gives the great impulse, the direction in which the race is to evolve. We are living now in the Fifth Root Race. When, after the destruction of the Fourth Root Race (the Atlantean) this Fifth Root Race began its development, the great impulse was given by the Manu of the Fifth Root Race. [This was about the time when the Anunnaki first became involved with "the Adam," i.e. the beginnings of the Aryan root race.] The Manu is not in the same sense a man among men as other outstanding human individualities. Even before mankind on the earth was filled with spirit, the Manu had already reached a lofty stage of development. IT WAS IN THE THIRD ROOT RACE, WHEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LEMURIAN EPOCH THE HUMAN SPIRIT FLASHED UP FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HUMAN BODY, THAT SUCH LEADERS CAME TO THE HUMAN RACE. [The Anunnaki came to Earth hundreds of thousands of years before the Deluge, which took place around the time Atlantis was destroyed as a result of black magicians' misuse of natural forces, which is no longer possible to the same degree. The sorts of powers depicted in fairy tales such as the Potter movies might have been based on something like the powers available during Atlantean times.] When men were young, when they were still children, they could not lead themselves. But their leaders were not of the same nature as themselves. These Beings who had already reached a higher stage of development IN AN EVOLUTION THAT IS NOT THAT OF MAN, were so advanced, that they could be leaders of the human race before the spirit had incarnated in the bodies of men. [The Anunnaki came from another solar system.]

These were superhuman Beings. These superhuman beings are of two kinds. The one kind, who were already leaders at the time when, in respect of the Spiritual, men were still children, these Beings had already advanced so far that they had reached a stage which will be reached by humanity only in the far distant future. These highly developed individualities, the Manus, are called in the language of esotericism, “the Holy Spirits.”
As I wrote above, it seems that not all of the Anunnaki were benevolent, although the worst seemed merely selfish, and not evil. Perhaps they were AGENTS of the "Manus." In any case, it is apparent that Sitchin's discovery does make sense in light of Rudolf Steiner's perspective on mankind's development.