Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rant missed point

My recent rant about 20% of Congress vacationing in "Israel"(here) was just wrong. Security was probably one of the reasons they decided to spend time in "Israel," but it wasn't the main reason. These were apparently recently-appointed ("elected") members of Congress being schmoozed by the Nazi government of this Satanic tumor posing as a Jewish enclave (while abandoning its citizens to support its "Apocalyptic" agenda, which is the actual reason for its existence), either to ensure that they will vote in "Israel's" favor, or in order to explain votes which they are forced to make by those who choreograph Congressional votes. I lean toward the latter, since the "Apocalyptic" agenda originates in London (as did Christian Fundamentalism and Zionism), and I suppose its marching orders are laundered through various "Jewish" organizations such as AIPAC to give the impression that they serve the interests of world Jewry, which couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is that their top priority is "fulfilling prophecy" in which a large portion of the Jews of "Israel" are slated to perish. So, the very people who are posing as world Jewry's best friends are actually just using them in a monstrous manner. As I put it, "Israel" was a Nazi project.