Sunday, August 28, 2011

Satanism in a nutshell

“The essential characteristic of a good and healthy aristocracy” argues Nietzsche, is that it “accepts with a good conscience the sacrifice of untold human beings who, for its sake, must be reduced and lowered to incomplete human beings, to slaves, to instruments.” The “fundamental faith” of the aristocracy, then, is that “society” exists for them, for their sake, so that all the lesser types who serve them in society exist “only as the foundation and scaffolding on which a choice type of being is able to raise itself to its higher task and to a higher state of being…”

This article contains the best summary of Satan's "philosophical" rationale for SRA (Nietzscheanism) that I've ever read, and it's very concise and incredibly well written. I wish I had discovered it years ago. The writer, Benjamin Wiker, should get some kind of an award.