Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SEAL loss epitomizes the insanity of this "war"

I was expecting corroborating evidence to support Alex Jones' assertion that SEAL Team 6 was eliminated in order to hide the dirty secret about Operation "Kill OBL." However, none has been forthcoming. Still, I'll continue to consider it a possibility, partly because I hate to think that some Taliban fighter with a crude weapon (reportedly a new type) took out some of our best soldiers by himself.

Although the SEALs are exceptional soldiers, I think the reason that this disaster is so upsetting to so many is that it highlights what this "war" is doing to so many fine young Americans. It might be serving some purpose that I cannot imagine (such as something related to group karma), but from my perspective, its purpose is pure evil, and an aspect of this evil is the sacrifice of the lives of so many idealistic young Americans to the likes of Felix Rohatyn and George Soros, whose drug money helped put Obama in office.