Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sithchin naysayers protecting Darwinism

(Rev B - see note)

The concensus "scientific" reality on the origins of the universe is that it started with the Big Bang, like a cosmic throw of the dice, and the resulting vast cloud of particles randomly combined to form the "physical" universe, even though Sir Fred Hoyle and his associates have debunked this notion, which is the basis of Darwinism. Our notions of early man are based on the Flintstones!

Then, along comes Zecharia Sitchin with an entirely different perspective on mankind's childhood, and with physical evidence to support it. This perspective just happens to be consistent with the Mysteries, i.e. actual occultism/esortericism (as opposed to Satanism, which is pure evil surrounded by well-intentioned dupes being fed varieties of BS [1]). Obviously, this is a threat to the Pool Break "theory" (lie) about the origins of the universe, so it had to be discredited, which was all in a day's work for those who rule this world via lies and brute force. For the actual origins of the universe, or at least of our solar system, I suggest An Outline of Esoteric Science by Rudolf Steiner, whose books went curiously unmentioned by "occultist" Aleister Crowley. He was actually just a Satanist who created one of the more enduring varieties of BS to feed clueless truth-seekers. Darwinism is just a "scientific" variety of such BS.


Rev B - Clarified by moving text from body to note 1, and clarifying the contents of the note.
[1] i.e. Orwell hinted at this with his Inner Party/Outer Party dichotomy. Note that "The Inner Party" > 33 60 80 > 173 > 11, the number of black magic, which Satanism, the "Inner Party," apparently pretends to be. Satanists know that Crowley's Magick (which they feed to the "outer party") is BS, but they appear to believe that they're involved in actual black magic. The joke's on them, because they're being duped by the "inner inner party," i.e. pod people.