Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some potential reasons for Libya's "liberation"

This business in Libya appears to be partly intended to distract us from what's happening here in the US, and to paint Obama as the great liberator. Meanwhile, the real Obama has been going after the state AG's who are going after mortgage fraud. Instead of helping Americans who have lost their homes and being threatened with losing their homes, he's protecting the criminals behind their plight. This is known as treason.

The Libya conflict also appears to have been intended to provide an excuse for high gas prices (which was my original assumption, although I didn't expect it to last as long as it did), which are in fact due to Bernanke's supposed attempts to plug the holes in the derivatives-Titanic. Actually, that's just a cover story too - the real goal is hyperinflation and the end of civilization. They're getting us ready to accept another dose of "quantitative easing" by manipulating "the free market" until we cry uncle.

Another goal of the "liberation" of Libya appears to have been chaos, for the purpose of unleashing cataclysmic activity. Libya is about to learn that Mammon's Iraq-style "liberations" are intended to make things much worse. You just watch. There are already fears that Ghadawful's supporters will now start a guerrilla war. The one-time great liberator might end up in some oligarchical colony for washed-up dictators, as a reward for a job well done.