Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Syrian crackdown fades with the northern hemisphere's demon-season

After an estimated 1,800 protester deaths, Syrian President Bashar Assad told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday that military and police operations against protesters had stopped, several news outlets are reporting.
Much of the growing international condemnation centers around Syria's four-day siege in the port city of Latakia, where shelling by tanks and gunboats on unarmed civilians has killed scores.
Since the beginning of the five-month-old uprising and resulting violent crackdown, Assad has insisted he was fighting "armed gangs," or some derivative thereof, and not a popular uprising against his dictatorial rule.

Note from the image that it's on a good area of the Earth Grid for this purpose [1], and it's almost the peak time of year for nature spirits (of which demons are a destructive type) in the northern hemisphere.

It's mid-August, and the window for "magic powers" is closing for the year. So, not surprisingly, their need to project "armed gangs" onto defenseless civilians and brutally attack them is fading too. Assad probably had no choice but to lend his country to organized Satanism for the summer and take the blame.