Thursday, August 11, 2011

True to form, it seems we got the wrong guys

KABUL — The Taliban insisted Thursday that the fighters who shot down a US helicopter, killing 38 troops in Afghanistan, were still alive, despite a US announcement that they had been killed.

US General John Allen, commander of the NATO-led international force in Afghanistan, said Wednesday that those responsible for the biggest single loss of American life in the 10-year war had been killed in an air strike.

But Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told AFP: "This is not true. After seeing the enemy statement, we contacted the mujahed (fighter) who shot down the helicopter and he's not dead. He's busy conducting jihad elsewhere in the country."

I thought it was suspicious that in a day or two we would be able to identify, track down, and bomb the individual Taliban fighter who supposedly brought down the helicopter carrying dozens of elite US soldiers, including members of SEAL Team 6. If true, it would seem to indicate some hidden connection between the two sides.

But instead, it appears that as usual we're just being fed more convenient lies to make Nerobama look good, or that we bombed the wrong people, as usual, in order to terrorize the population and back it into a corner until some of them decide to fight to the death. Otherwise, the war dubbed The Long War at the outset would have no reason for existing, and that just wouldn't do. Meanwhile, Nerobama is suppressing a section of the 9/11 report that identifies the real culprits, because it would prove that this insane "war" is the equivalent of attacking Mexico in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.