Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wasserman-Schultz gives us a glimpse of the real Congress

The next questioner was a LaRouche supporter. He pointed out, "that at no time in U.S. history has the United States ever budget-cut its way into recovery! And that globalization had meant the loss of the U.S. manufacturing base while Wall St got bailed out." He then called for passage of HR1489, the Glass-Steagall Bill, as the only solution to our national crisis. Emergency legislation that will provide the basis for canceling Wall Street's debt and creating a credit system to rebuild our nation's infrastructure, creating millions of productive jobs. At that moment the Congresswoman, yelled "ask your question!" In response to the activists question, "Will you cosponsor and support HR1489?" she said she would NOT cosponsor or support the Bill! That she supports Obama's next jobs program that he will roll out shortly! There was no applause, and after that she shut the meeting down! Leaving many seniors sitting there, stunned, with their hands in the air and their mouths agape.

So much for her pretense of being a Democrat serving the interests of the people. She's great at playing politics on C-SPAN with politically-correct issues, while pretending the real issued don't exist, but this confrontation shows what she really is, and what the rest of Congress really is. They're putting on an act to lull us into a false sense of security, without any intention of taking the steps required to really fix the economy. They, like Obama, are just figures on the media stage (such as C-SPAN), reciting their lines which support the media's virtual reality. They don't care what the people think, because their actual constituent is Mammon, even in the case of Democrats who work so hard to pretend otherwise, making them even more duplicitous than the Republicans. Obama is a great example of this: pretending to be a Democrat just so he can stab us in the back.

One "solution" is to simply adopt gold as money, which might work on a small scale, but which will hardly keep the global economy going. (The gold standard is intended to act as a sort of "buffer" to smooth out short-term fluctuations in the value of the Dollar relative to other currencies. It isn't intended to allow all currency to be converted to gold, since there's not enough gold.) Some people have tried to use gold as money, only to find themselves in hot water very quickly with agents of the financial oligarchy (such as Wasserman-Schultz) whose job is to dismantle the physical economy, replace it with a dark-age (Green) physical economy, inflate the currency out of existence, and kill everyone but organized Satanism and a couple of billion serfs.