Friday, August 12, 2011

We have met the enemy, and he is "American counter-terrorism"

Osama bin Laden’s killing marks the end of the old al-Qaeda but a modern, sophisticated terror group may replace it, a top US military chief warned.

Admiral Eric Olson – the longest-serving Navy Seal with 38 years’ service – said: “I think the death of bin Laden was an uppercut to the jaw. It just knocked them on their heels.”

But the special forces chief, 59, whose men killed bin Laden at his ­Pakistan hideout on May 2, warned of “al-Qaeda mark II”.

He said: “It will morph and become in some ways more westernised, with dual passport holders and fewer cave dwellers.”

Admiral Olson believes the group will refine their message to appeal to a wider audience and seek ungoverned spaces to work from, like Somalia.
WASHINGTON — American counterterrorism officials are increasingly concerned that the most dangerous regional arm of Al Qaeda is trying to produce the lethal poison ricin, to be packed around small explosives for attacks against the United States.

[Don't worry: The CIA won't let us off so easily.]
[O'Brien (Inquisitor, mind-destroyer)]: You have read the book, Goldstein's book, or parts of it, at least. Did it tell you anything that you did not know already?'

'You have read it?' said Winston.

'I wrote it. That is to say, I collaborated in writing it.
from 1984

In other words, the global British-allied intelligence world, a.k.a. "al Qaeda," is going to don a new mask, and we'll start killing and terrorizing people who resemble the new mask. Obviously, no matter how long we fight this insane war, we're not going to end terrorism, because the actual terrorists are running it.