Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amanda Knox persecution as Maligni's "inside" joke

In case anyone has missed something that I implied in a previous post using the term "projection," Bignini's persecution of Amanda Knox has at least one other purpose, and that is to allow him to wave HIS actual Satanism, or actual effects of demonic possession (a compulsion to torment, torture, and kill humans and animals) under our noses, while claiming that his VICTIM is a Satanist, or possessed. He probably gets a kick out of that, and the fact that most people are so oblivious to the reality of Satanism that he can get away with it.

While writing this, it also occurred to me that the "case" against Knox might have been intended to ultimately fail, in order to discredit someone who used the term "demonic possession" as part of his LEGAL rationale for bringing charges against Knox, with the intent of ultimately discrediting the very notion of demonic possession. (This seems to be what Maligni is implying in his final "arguments" by claiming that Knox had NO MOTIVE for supposedly engaging in such a blood-fest.) Although I contend that demonic possession is a reality, and that it is reflected in such things as the "war on terror" (and perhaps the demolition of the WTC with thousands of people inside, or dancing for joy in response to the collapse), I would never consider using it as a justification for charging someone with murder in a court of law, because there is no way to prove that someone is possessed beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if it's been proven that someone is a cunning serial killer, such as Ted Bundy (who admitted after being sentenced to death that he felt compelled to kill), there's always some other way to explain it, such as some psychological motive or brain damage. However, it would be very difficult to explain the combination of evidence I have amassed to the effect that demonic possession is a reality, and the purpose of organized Satanism, in any other way.

I find it interesting that Knox has been studying Nietzsche in prison, and I can't help but wonder if she was assigned to study it as a hint of what's behind her ordeal, and as yet another attempt to torment her (by foisting existentialism on her) on the part of the pod-people who run organized Satanism and who enjoy that sort of thing.