Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another perspective on Maligni's game

Image: Amanda Knox inquisitor Giuliano Mignini and assistant

It struck me that Giuliano Mignini, the monster behind Amanda Knox's ordeal, is trying to create the impression that he really believes that Knox is guilty, or who is on a quest to expose a dark conspiracy that he just knows is "out there," but that always manages to elude him. We're supposed to believe that Knox and Sollecito managed to clean up every trace of their DNA while leaving plenty of Guede's DNA, and no evidence of a cleanup. What more proof do you need to know that she is the Devil incarnate, besides an utter lack of physical evidence? Shades of Cheney's WMD fantasies!

That's apparently the fallback impression he's trying to give, for those who don't swallow his lurid fantasy hook, line, and sinker, i.e. anyone with a couple of brain cells. He's also hinting that he knows what Satanism really is [1], through the fantasy which he has superimposed on the reality of a rape-murder, and by waving it under our noses in the form of WHAT HE IS DOING TO KNOX.

But the truth about Maligni is that he doesn't believe his fantasy - it's all a huge lie (as indicated by the destruction of the hard drives, for example), but the court seems to be content to allow him to pretend that he really, really, really believes his fantasy (just like Cheney), but that he was just mistaken, or that Knox is indeed so diabolically clever that she managed to leave no evidence. So, he will be able to lose this case while continuing to play the part of the devout Catholic who has devoted his life to finally proving the existence of "Satanism," i.e. "black masses" involving robes, black curtains, altars, naked virgins, goats, daggers, sex and blood. (Similar rituals, without the sex, goats, and blood, are part of Wicca, which is largely a joke foisted on truth-seekers by Satanists who pose as the "inner circle." However, they are also being used in a secret manner which I mention in my essay on the Golden Dawn.) But Maligni will eventually appear in a court which organized Satanism doesn't control, and which doesn't care about letting him save face.


[1] The outermost circles of Satanism consist of activity intended to induce the participant to abandon themselves to their lowest impulses, such as Hellfire Club-type orgies. The inner circles consist of pod people, and those involved in this sort of abandonment-related activity, combined with SRA. Once they "graduate," they move on to such things as the demolition of the WTC with thousands of people inside, the destruction of civilization and mankind in the name of a "war on terror," or the transformation of the lives of a young couple in love, into a living hell.