Friday, September 30, 2011

Article exposes new depths to Magnini's depravity (revised)

Mignini urged the court not to blame the "poor black boy," Rudy Guede.... The "poor picked-on boy" slashed poor Meredith’s throat, while she fought for her life, and then stripped her and sexually assaulted her as she lay dying. The "poor innocent boy" covered her body with a bedspread then stole her money, credit cards, keys and went dancing. Then the "poor misunderstood boy" fled to Germany.

So, Guede's crime was even worse than I believed before reading this article. His sentence was reduced from 30 years to 16 years for committing perjury for Mignini, and I've read that he might be out by 2014, probably for "good behavior." Then I assume he'll get the Casey Anthony treatment, courtesy of organized Satanism. Otherwise, he'd end up floating in a sewer, where he belongs, a couple of days after being released. Not only did he commit a heinous simultaneous murder-rape, but by supporting Mignini's lies to save his own bacon, he put a lot of people through hell, and he cost a lot of people a lot of money. Again, THIS is the guy that Mignini is trying to protect, as he puts an innocent young woman through hell! The mind boggles.