Friday, September 23, 2011

Giuliano Mignini, Amanda Knox persecutor and de facto Satanist (revised)

The charges against Knox and her boyfriend never made sense. In the days following the murder the police interviewed Knox for over 40 hours. Then, in a hurry to solve the case and sensing Knox a soft target, they pounced. During an all night interrogation LED BY PUBLIC MINISTER GUILIANI MIGNINI, twelve officers took turns hounding her. She insisted that she and Sollecito had spent the night of the murder at his flat. The police said she was protecting someone and threatened her with 30 years in prison, telling her she’d never see her family again. They denied her a lawyer, called her a stupid liar, and slapped her on the back of the head to “help her remember.” They asked her to imagine what had happened. She broke down. She revealed a vision that she was at the cottage that night and heard the screams of the victim. In response to police prodding, she named Patrick Lamumba, her boss at the bar where she worked, as the killer. Exhausted and spent, she signed whatever statements they gave her.
AT THAT POINT, THE AUTHORITIES HAD PLENTY OF EVIDENCE IMPLICATING GUEDE, BUT NOTHING ON KNOX OR SOLLECITO. They needed to find something to support murder charges against the young couple, so they set about collecting evidence – in particular, the knife and clasp -- based on flawed procedures. IT SEEMS THAT INSTEAD OF ALTERING THEIR THEORIES TO FIT THE FACTS, THEY MANUFACTURED EVIDENCE TO SUIT THEIR THEORIES. [The FBI lab was notorious for this at one time.]

[The referenced article is an excellent summary of Amanda Knox's ordeal. Links to it and many other excellent articles can be found on Injustice in Perugia's Recent News & Updates page.]
Amanda Knox was interrogated repeatedly in the five days following the murder of Meredith Kercher. Amanda consistently told the same story over and over again. She repeatedly told the truth.

In the early morning hours of November 6, 2007, the questioning became much more aggressive. Amanda was in a situation that she had absolutely no control of. She was thousands of miles from home, In a country where she had a very limited knowledge of the language. She was confronted by aggressive police officers who were accusing her of a horrible crime that she didn't commit. Amanda was terrified.

Amanda did not have a lawyer present during her interrogation. She was told it would be worse for her if she did. Amanda was told that she was being questioned as a witness but she was clearly being interrogated as a suspect. Italian law is very clear, no suspect is to be interrogated with out the presence of an attorney. The interrogation of Amanda Knox was illegal.

[Note the date of this abusive interrogation: 11/6/2007, i.e. 11 6 9 - two days after the full Moon. Also note the location relative to the Earth Grid in the above map.]

Mignini claims to be a Catholic, but there's a huge gulf between his words and his deeds. His closing "arguments" against Knox were an exercise in mud-slinging, an effort to save face now that his "evidence" has been blown out of the water. But it's too late for him to save face; instead, he should be concentrating on hiding it, especially now that I've exposed him for what he really is, under all of those layers of sanctimony and all of his attempts to project his own guilt onto others. He should be sued for everything he's got for malicious prosecution. He's already been convicted of abusing his office, so it shouldn't be difficult.

Mignini also seems to be heavily involved in creating the myth of Satanism, which is used to hide actual Satanism, or SRA, in plain sight by mischaracterizing it. His position gives his lies along these lines a certain amount of credibility.