Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here's Obama's idea of "liberation" (revised - see Notes)

The rebels are casually presented as "liberators". The central role of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists within rebel ranks is not mentioned.

"Starting afresh" in the wake of destruction? Fear and Social Despair, Countless Deaths and Atrocities, amply documented by the independent media.

No euphoria.... A historical reversal in the country's economic and social development has occurred. The achievements have been erased.

The NATO invasion and occupation marks the ruinous "rebirth" of Libya's standard of living That is the forbidden and unspoken truth: an entire Nation has been destabilized and destroyed, its people driven into abysmal poverty.
What is the future to which Blond and the Fabians would bring us through the brainwashed Tories? It is a return to the bliss of the Dark Ages, before it was destroyed by the Renaissance and the modern nation-state, represented by "secular monarchs. From the 14th Century on, they asserted their power and corrupted a pre-existing highly plural and reciprocal community with demands for top-down allegiance, authority and control," Blond wrote in a widely published September 2008 article, "Medieval Thinking, "Updating and recovering this earlier medieval model for the modern age is of course the task." Of course.

Libya's return to the Dark Age is a shining example of what these feudalists mean by "economic recovery," i.e. the recovery of their control over the planet through economic devastation, with the assistance of their smokescreen-billowing hood ornament Barack O'Bombus. As in Iraq, there will be no reconstruction of significance if they can prevent it. The latter excerpt above indicates the Fabian Society pedigree of Obama's original "advisers," which I suppose have just gone deeper underground since being exposed. (Note that "The Fabian Society" converts to 33 33 96, i.e. 6 6 15, i.e. 666.) Suskind's recent book on Obama indicates that he certainly isn't in charge of anything besides reading smokescreen-scripts and relaying threats.

For someone who supposedly doesn't know what it takes to make an economy hum, they sure know how to destroy one in a hurry. I guess they got tired of waiting for an earthquake to do their dirty work for them, so they did it under cover of a "democratic uprising." Like I said, the agenda is chaos and mass death, and this article and Tarpley's ongoing reports support this.

Revision: Added second excerpt, revised comments.