Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Rudy Guede stumping for a job at the Daily Mail?

Rudy Guede, committing perjury, shows he's got what it takes to be a Daily Mail "reporter"

Amanda Knox WAS CONFIRMED AS THE KILLER of British student Meredith Kercher today by the very witness she hoped would clear her.
Rudy Guede, the first person to be convicted of Miss Kercher's killing in Perugia, Italy, had been called to give evidence in an appeal by Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito against their convictions.

But he told the hearing he thinks the couple were the killers, CONFIRMING HIS PREVIOUS ACCUSATIONS.

If you can't trust the word of a murderer, rapist, thief, perjurer, and drug dealer, who can you trust? That's apparently what the Daily Mail believes, based on the excerpt which shows that it equates Guede's accusations with fact ("confirming his previous accusations" magically becomes "confirmed as the killer"). The Daily Mail is the sleaziest publication in my experience; it fabricates much of its "news," such as the story about the supposed demonic "Doncaster boys," who don't actually exist. Guede is obviously living up to his side of the deal which he cut with Mignini, i.e. to provide "evidence" to support Mignini's lies, in exchange for a drastically reduced sentence, which will be further reduced by "time off for good behavior" so that he could get out in 2014, at which time I suppose that Mignini would buy him a ticket to Mexico, or the Daily Mail might hire him as an anonymous reporter and provide him with body guards. He's going to need them, partly because there's a suspicion that he was a police informant before he raped and murdered Kercher, and then there's the little thing about him essentially getting away with murder, rape perjury, theft, and drug dealing. Let's face it: calling this guy scum is an insult to scum. So naturally he'd be Mignini's star witness against Knox, against whom he has not yet managed to produce a shred of real evidence, and whose innocence he is actively concealing in many ways. He's waving Satanism under our noses in the form of what he is doing to Knox, and daring us to recognize it for what it is.