Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just when you thought they couldn't stoop any lower

Amanda Knox’s sisters have told of their heartbreak after discovering abusive graffiti scrawled on the tables in the Italian courtroom where her appeal is being heard.

Deanna Knox, 22, said that she looked down to find ‘Amanda is a whore’ written on the table beneath her as she listened to the proceedings.

Assuming that this graffiti was written in English, or that the translation is precise, it can be taken as a declaration that organized Satanism is behind Knox's ordeal, considering that "Amanda is a" coverts to 63 and that "whore" coverts to 69 (one of Satanism's most magical numbers), that the entire statement converts to 132, which converts to 6. Then of course there's the intent to inflict emotional abuse, which is a mild form of SRA.

Also note that these three girls were subjected to the horrific images of Kercher's body mentioned in a previous post - another form of SRA. The "defense" attorney who "forgot" to clear the court before displaying them should be charged with child abuse. There is a word for such a soulless worm: Satanist.