Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping "the terrorists" occupied "over there"

A US drone strike against the Hasou Khel village in North Waziristan Agency today killed at least five people and left a number of others wounded. The attack destroyed a pickup truck and also leveled a house, burying people within.

Pakistani officials said that the four people slain in the vehicle were “militants” but the identities of the people in the destroyed house have not been made clear.

This attack was a full-Moon response to the 10th anniversary MEMORIAL of 9/11, which was a re-dedication of the US to perpetual Satanism disguised as a "war on terror" (and implicitly on the human race, since anyone could theoretically be a terrorist).

What could be more terrifying than living with the knowledge that at any moment, without any indication, you could be killed or horribly maimed by a drone strike?

This is the face of the faceless Satanist faction with the US military-intelligence complex, which Tarpley calls the "Special Forces underground," and which was behind 9/11, with help for some aspects from the BAE slush-fund for black ops. They consider themselves Supermen for having the lack of conscience required to do such a thing (and to tell us that they were "militants," despite all evidence to the contrary), with the usual facelessness and overwhelming advantage required for a Superman to attack. (They would never consider getting into a fair fight - they leave that to the rest of SF, and to the regular military.)

Another aspect of their super-powers is their ability to escape justice in the world (although they will probably at least be required to repeat the life they have turned over to some subhuman Satanic being, meaning that they might be held back a couple of thousand years or so), since their fellow Satanists have rigged the game precisely for this purpose. For example, how many have been truly held accountable for the "frat party from Hell" at Abu Ghraib, which did so much to inflame Iraqi hatred of the US, and got so many killed as a result?