Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knox AIDS scare: more SRA

She had written about her seven lovers in her prison diary only after she was mistakenly told she was HIV positive ­following a prison blood test.

"I was crying, thinking I cannot have children," she said of the two weeks before she was told she was negative.

That was probably not mistake, but another form of SRA by the soulless creatures in that "justice system" who think it's fun to torment a young woman. It's obviously a global problem - "supermen" wannabes gravitate to any and every situation where they can put Crowley's edicts into action without being held responsible.

It's hard for me to believe that there are still people who believe in HIV. "AIDS" is many things, including immune disorders caused by certain forms of drug abuse, and by so-called "AIDS drugs," but it is not caused by some magical virus. But having sex CAN cause pregnancy, so don't run out and have unprotected sex if this is news and you want to celebrate. I mentioned this only because there are apparently people who have passed puberty without learning that sex is the most common cause of pregnancy.