Friday, September 23, 2011

Knox persecutor can't stop lying now

He took a bare knuckle approach in defending his case and began the summation by almost immediately presenting the jury with a slideshow of photos that included pictures of bloodstains in the house where Kercher died as well as photos of Kercher's slashed body. The blood-filled pictures included close-ups of the wounds. Several jurors looked away.
The prosecutors reviewed much of the circumstantial evidence surrounding the case and said, "All clues converge toward the only possible result of finding the defendants guilty."

Oh? There was no physical evidence that Knox was ever in the room where the murder took place, although there was physical evidence implicating others. Obviously, the prosecutor's goal was to use the "shock doctrine" and make the jury suggestible to his lies. He doesn't care if Knox has to spend her life in prison so that he can avoid admitting that he was wrong, or lying. The very fact that he is allowed to continue to persecute her, after being convicted of abusing his office, is disgusting. I hope this Satanic ritual of abuse, this travesty, doesn't destroy Italy's economy, as I suspect organized Satanism hoped it would.