Saturday, September 24, 2011

Knox persecutor Maligni has a tiger by the tail

"Mignini's malicious and completely unwarranted accusations ruined many lives and impoverished the defendants and their families," Douglas Preston, the author of "The Monster of Florence," told Crimesider. Added Mario Spezi, Preston's co-author in Italy, "The great question is: How was it possible that Mignini was able to pursue a case that everyone knew was crazy?"

Those who follow the case of Amanda Knox, the American student convicted of murder in Perugia last December, will find much of this familiar.

Giuliano Mignini was the prosecutor in Knox's case. Mignini argued, at one point, that Knox was demonically motivated when, he says, she killed her roommate, Meredith Kercher in November 2007.

Just like the court in the Monster case, the judge in the Kercher case threw out Mignini's demonic motive, saying there were no facts to prove it.
Though happy about the ruling, Douglas Preston says, " I find it hard to celebrate." Preston points out that Mignini, himself, was convicted of Monster of Florence related charges in January. The Perugia prosecutor and his chief investigator were convicted of abuse of office while pursuing the case.

Add to that the fact that in the past two years, Mignini has hurled satanic charges against 23 people. With Tuesday's dismissals, and his failed arguments in the Kercher case, the Perugia prosecutor is 0 for 23 on the satanic tally board. Yet he remains in office. A fact neither Preston nor Spezi can understand.

"Why are people afraid to stop him?" wonders Mario Spezi. "Why was he allowed to work on the Amanda Knox case and present his crazy ideas?"

Good questions, still begging answers.

I know exactly what Mignini is doing: putting a lot of people through hell using the power of organized Satanism within the Italian system of justice, for purposes of SRA, and using his position in Italy's "justice" system to lend credence to organized Satanism's mischaracterization of itself. It's possible that he's also trying to turn the US against Italy and weaken its economy, although this might be an unintended consequence. He's gotten away with it for so long because organized Satanism probably controls key positions in the so-called justice system, and he's just a player in a scheme organized at a higher level. However, it seems that orders have come down to preserve the credibility of Italy's court system, and that SRA is being dialed back for the time being. So, a sane judge was brought into the case. Hopefully this will translate into Amanda Knox's release.

However, I understand that a movie is now in the works to bring the Monster of Florence fantasy to life. I wouldn't be surprised if organized Satanism was behind the murders, and that they too were intended to provide "evidence" to support their diversionary fantasy.

By going after Knox, he made himself a target of the American public, which probably decided that it could do without so many vacations to Italy, or Italian cars, etc. When that much money talks in these tight economic times, the Italian government listens.

Mignini's theory about a wild sex game getting out of hand due to "demonic" influence does reflect a certain amount of awareness of the true nature of Satanism, although it doesn't reflect the reality of how people become demonically possessed, the cunning nature of someone so possessed, or Amanda Knox's innocent and compassionate personality. She is not the sort of person to engage in "wild sex parties" and abandon herself to her lowest impulses, and in fact, she was apparently a virgin, and had fallen in love with a fine young man, whom I gather was also a virgin, and they had become intimate rather quickly, but only because they were in love with each other. It was a beautiful thing, and this creature Maligni tuned it into an utter nightmare. So, Maligni's "theory" about a wild sex game is so utterly insane, and it has been utterly demolished by many, many people from various perspectives (for example, see the Injustice in Perugia site), that I doubt that he ever believed it himself. If he did, he'd be so insane that he'd probably be in a mental ward. Instead, he should be in prison, but he'll probably end up on the same beach as Casey Anthony, courtesy of organized Satanism.