Monday, September 26, 2011

Knox prosecutors, true to form, sling mud and gore

On Monday gruesome photos of Kercher's body were shown in court. They showed the semi-naked body of the 21-year-old victim, her face and throat covered in blood.
Lumumba's lawyer Carlo Pacelli called Knox a "she-devil" who loves "wild sex," and who knowingly lied to police to sidetrack the investigation.

"Who is Amanda Knox?" Pacelli asked the court. "Is she the mild-looking, fresh-faced person you see here, or the one devoted to lust, drugs and alcohol that emerges from the court documents? [i.e. their previous lies recorded in transcripts]

"Both a (saint) and a demonic, satanic, diabolical she-devil, which leads her toward borderline behavior. This was the Amanda of Nov. 1, 2007," the night of the murder, he said.

He insisted that, at the time of the crime, "she was an explosive mix of drugs, sex and alcohol."
Italian TV showed a letter Knox wrote from her cell to a local politician in which she stated, 'I'm very tired, maybe BECAUSE IT'S HOT IN HERE or because I'm worried about the end of my case."
from Amanda Knox called "she-devil" in court [emphasis added to indicate that she is being subjected to SRA continuously, even if she can shut out all the mental torment being heaped on her by organized Satanism]

Note that there is not one shred of evidence in any of the statements in the above excerpt. For example, how does showing gruesome photos of the victim prove that Knox and Sollecito had anything to do with it? The point is to cause the jury to become suggestible and irrational, and to convict Knox and Sollecito out of hatred, instead of acquitting them on the basis of reason and the lack of evidence to substantiate the prosecution's wild fantasies. Hopefully, the defense team will turn this around and make the jury hate the prosecutors instead, as they justly deserve for their abuse of power which has inflicted so much damage on so many people. But that's Satanism for you. Knox's millions or billions of sympathizers are also victims of these whirling dervishes of lies, as I assume they intended.

Shame on AP/CBS for "neglecting" to mention that Knox was subjected to an abusive interrogation, and that the police essentially forced her to implicate Lumumba, who himself is obviously under a lot of pressure to do what Knox's Satanic prosecutors want him to do. Shame on the court for allowing Knox to be so wildly defamed, and especially for allowing her to be called things that the legal system undoubtedly regards as superstition, i.e. that CANNOT BE PROVEN. All Americans thinking of going to Italy should consider the possibility that they could end up in a similar situation, unless they're Satanists.

Note that Italy is the likely birthplace of Satanism, which took off during Venice's heyday, when mankind obtained its present, most materialistic state of consciousness (which is the form Satan wants to seize, and which lends itself to possession). The Venetian empire - which was run by the Cult of Isis, which in turn is run by black magicians - launched the vast, ongoing disinformation campaign against mankind's consciousness-evolution, including bogus culture, bogus science, bogus math, and the "occultish BS" which goes into the many "occult" movements. such as Magick, Wicca, and the Scottish Rite. One of the purposes of these movements is provide Satanists at the core with opportunities to deceive and manipulate those who come to them for truth.

Also note that Italy seems to be the source of the "official" diversionary fantasy-versions of Satanism. (The Catholic Church actually contributes to this fantasy-version through "experts" associated with the Vatican, who wildly mischaracterize possession. This can be explained by the fact that the Jesuit order was created by Venetian agent Gasparo Contarini.) I suspect that the murders attributed to the Monster of Venice were committed by organized Satanism to provide "evidence" to support this fantasy-version. Note that Knox's persecutor Mignini used these murders as the basis for a fantasy-version of Satanism, and that he actually arranged to put about 20 people on trial for being part of this fantasy-organization, apparently to provide further "evidence" to support this fantasy. His reasoning appears to be that nobody would do what he did unless they had good reason to do so, when the fact is that his motives are purely evil.

Hopefully, the Italian government will save face by insisting that the verdict be based on evidence and reason, and not the wild fantasies and emotional manipulation of the pious, Satanic prosecutors and organized Satanism in general.