Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knox "trial": Satanists vs. humans disguised as pursuit of justice (rev)

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Their hopes have been boosted by a forensics review that cast doubt on traces of DNA found on a kitchen knife and Kercher's bra clasp -- evidence that was used to convict Knox -- and attacked police for sloppy handling of crime scene material.

But prosecutors have since tried to wrest back momentum in the case by focusing on other evidence pointing to Knox and targeting her personality, painting her as a man-eater who resented her roommate and enjoyed flirting with danger.

To say that doubt has been cast upon the "DNA evidence" is the "understatement of the century." Anyone with half a brain who honestly considers this so-called "evidence" will be appalled and disgusted that it could have ever been considered to BE evidence, and will realize that it was poorly manufactured by the prosecution when they realized they had no actual evidence.

What "other evidence?" There is no evidence against Knox or Sollecito, but the police destroyed evidence, including by "accidentally" frying three hard drives which they refuse to allow to be repaired, that might exonerate them. Mammon's media is clearly involved in preventing us from recognizing the persecution's sheer evil, in the guise of "objectivity." It's just another instance of Mammon's empire against mankind, disguised in this case as the pursuit of justice for a murdered young woman. Part of this assault includes giving an incredibly light sentence to the actual killer/rapist, who is also a perjurer, thief, drug dealer, and an apparent psychopath. In other words, Satan's kind of guy - a potential pod. Giving him a light sentence was probably partly intended as an affront to the society which Satan intends to destroy.

Consider the fact that the persecution has been periodically flashing horrific images of Kercher's naked, mutilated body in court. The Kerchers' attorney, who claims to be representing the interests of Meredith and her parents, showed the worst of these images - autopsy photos, which should never have been released by the medical examiner. The actual purpose, despite their lies, was to shock the jury into a state of irrational hatred for Knox, and to inflict a form of SRA on the humans in the courtroom, including some rather impressionable young people and of course Kercher's parents.

This SRA included the media taking photos of the images. So, these photos, which should never have been released by the medical examiner, might end up on the internet! The Kercher's attorney couldn't even be bothered to shut off the projector as the media started taking photos! He and the medical examiner should be held responsible.

There is no evidence, so whatever is happening in that "courtroom" is not a trial, other than in the sense of being an ordeal for humans, but especially Knox. How much is this Satanic ritual costing the Italian people at a time when they can only afford essentials?

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