Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Knox's legalistic persecutors flaunt their Satanic disregard for human decency (revised)

Today, in the courtroom in Perugia, at 2:40 p.m., without warning, without dignity, without any apparent concern for Meredith or her grieving family, without decency, an attorney began to display eight foot square, gruesome, lurid and obscene naked full-frontal photographs of Meredith Kercher’s blood-smeared body, lying on the floor next to her bed where she had been murdered and sexually assaulted. She lay in the very position that Rudy Guede left her after putting a pillow under her hips to assist in the sexual assault. The photos were, to say the least, explicit, and press cameras immediately began clicking, as the courtroom spectators stood and moved toward the huge screen where the large photos were being displayed. Meredith was shown from the tips of her toes all the way to her eyes, fixed in a glassy, gruesome stare above a gaping throat slash. The audience gasped. More grisly photos followed; close-ups of the deep slash to Meredith’s throat, showing the severed muscles and larynx. But still the photos continued; photos which showed graphically the sputum foam which was the result of her labored breathing as the blood from her neck drained into her lungs. The photos showed her empty eyes and her blood-caked hair.

Who would do such an abominable thing?... Astoundingly, it was the Kerchers' own attorney, Francesco Maresca. The same Francesco Maresca of whom Stephanie Kercher said, “We will continue our fight with the support of our lawyer, Francesco Maresca.”

The motive for this appalling display of their actual lack of concern for Kercher and her memory was SRA, combined with an intent to shock the jury and get them to hate Knox so much that they would convict her regardless of what evidence and reason would dictate. The article concludes that the ultimate goal is money, but the actual ultimate goal is destruction of everything good and decent. The judge should have dismissed the charges for lack of evidence and brought charges against the "lawyers" for such a blatant attempt to shock the jury into railroading Knox.

It has occurred to me that Guede might be a Satanist, or a pod, but his crime doesn't fit the pattern of SRA or reflect the cunning nature of a pod. He's just a murderer, rapist, thief, and drug dealer. For that, in Italy, you get 16 years if you make a deal with the persecution to commit perjury.

Revision: Final sentence in 1st para. of comments - Originally called for mistrial, but realized this would only extend Knox's ordeal and decided that the judge might as well cut to the chase, without bothering to try to save Mignini's ass-face.