Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Media again waves Satanism under our noses in guise of reporting status of Ripper "investigation"

Reporting from London— It's been called the world's most famous cold case, a source of endless fascination and speculation ever since the first mutilated victim was found in a bloody heap 123 years ago on the gas-lighted streets of East London.

So why is Scotland Yard suppressing information that some crime buffs think could offer fresh leads on the identity of Britain's most notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper?
"Unsolved murder — instantly everyone thinks, 'I can solve it,'" said Angela Down, a tour guide who has helped conduct a "Jack the Ripper Walk" around East London for 10 years. "We all love a mystery. If it were solved, all the interest would fall away."

The goal of this article, along with the original investigation and many of the news reports over the last 123 years, was to wave Satanism under our noses and mock our obliviousness to it. I've concluded that the actual butchers were the founders of the Isis-Urania Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and that their goal was to launch the Age of Satan by effectively broadcasting a riddle, allowing something which symbolizes the goal of Satanism (the obliteration of mankind) to be forever waved under our noses in the guise of identifying the culprit, by reporting an endless series of misleading "solutions" from "independent researchers." (Note that the Ripper murders occurred at the beginning of the mass-media age, so it was probably intended as an ongoing mass-disinformation campaign. Also note that my solution has not been covered by the L.A. Times.)

The "Ripper's" spree was at least facilitated, if not partly perpetrated, by members of the Scottish Rite in high places in the London police. One of the original cops on the case kept a photo of the mutilated remains of one of the victims on his desk for years, which I think is a sign of his twisted mindset, at best. At least some of these cops had been in the British military, which had been traveling the globe on a Darwinian quest to "deselect the unfit" (kill darker-skinned people) and to seize territory and resources for Mammon's oligarchy. (So, "fitness" of a race is defined as its ability to commit genocide against other races.) Their training dehumanized their target-group, with what I assume was the intent to lure them into advanced forms of SRA, of which there is no shortage of evidence. So, British military service, based on The Origin of Species, could have been based on Thus Spake Zarathustra, or The Book of the Law without the "occult" trappings. Note that in WWI, the German government gave a copy of Thus Spake Zarathustra to every soldier, along with a copy of the Bible.

This same basic idea continues to be used by organized Satanism to this day: perpetrate crimes such as terrorism and project them onto others. If this allows the scapegoats to be killed and tortured in the guise of reducing the crimes which organized Satanism continues to perpetrate, so much the better.