Friday, September 16, 2011

Media waves SRA under our noses, again (revised)

FBI Spokeswoman Sandra Berchtold denied to the Associated Press that it instructed airport authorities to "arrest" Hebshi and the two other passengers: "We received a report of suspicious activity on that particular plane. We did not arrest...these passengers....We didn't direct anybody to arrest them." To further emphasize that the agency had nothing to do with Hebshi's treatment, an FBI agent called her on Monday and apologized, according to the AP.

The Wayne County Airport Authority, on the other hand, told the AP it was following protocol: "[We] responded appropriately by following protocol and treating everyone involved with respect and dignity." But if everyone was being treated with respect and dignity, why were Hebshi and the two Indian men handcuffed and strip-searched, while every other passenger on the flight was moved from the plane to the facility by bus, without cuffs, and without strip searches?
(AP) DETROIT — An Ohio woman who was one of three people taken off an airplane at Detroit's airport and questioned on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks says she was shocked when armed officers stopped at her row and ordered her off.
Airport police are under the supervision of the Wayne County Airport Authority, which operates Detroit Metropolitan Airport. In an email to the AP, agency spokesman Scott Wintner said airport police "responded appropriately by following protocol and treating everyone involved with respect and dignity."

I assume that the media controllers, being Satanists, are well aware that this was a case of SRA, but since Satanism "doesn't exist" (it's the "state secret" - i.e. that the state is a front for organized Satanism), they act mystified. Note the date: 9/11/11, a "magical" date if ever there were, and the location, which is fairly near a ley line. In fact, the original 9/11 attacks can be seen as the sort of SRA which is normally limited to "war" zones.

I don't want to waste time analyzing this case in detail, but the more I look at it, the more I'm convinced that the real reason was SRA, and that the "protocol" being followed was that of organized Satanism - for perpetrating gratuitous cruelty with plausible deniability. If she decides to sue, organized Satanism will circle the wagons and she'll just be wasting her time and money. They'll have a field day and rape her all over again.

Revision: Added image, 2nd excerpt, and revised text