Sunday, September 18, 2011

More chronicles of the Supermen

Professional disgrace and ruin? That's a good one!

Pinned down at dawn in a kill zone and running low on ammunition, the company-sized patrol made an urgent plea from a remote spot in eastern Afghanistan: Send help.

Then they made it again. And again. And again.

Nearly two hours after the initial call for help, helicopter air support arrived — but not before the unit took heavy casualties. The delay occurred because Army officers back at the tactical operations center refused to send help and failed to notify higher commands that they had troops in trouble. In the end, three Marines, a Navy corpsman and a soldier were dead, along with eight Afghan troops and an interpreter.

Those are the findings of a new investigation into the Sept. 8 ambush involving a team of U.S. military trainers embedded with Afghan troops in Kunar province.

But even though the deaths of the team members were the result of “negligent” leadership — “contributing directly to the loss of life” — it appears no one involved in the botched planning or execution of the mission will get more than a letter of reprimand for contributing to the deaths of five fellow service members.

"These letters of reprimand are just clearly slaps on the wrists. These officers need to be court-martialed," Westbrook said.

"What would you say to that?" Martin asked former Col. Hooker.

"I think to be the object of an official investigation which results in a General Officer letter of reprimand and ends your career for most professional officers is about the most profound kind of thing that can happen to you. It means professional disgrace and ruin," Hooker said.
"Synarchism is the idea of the rogue, the anti-human rogue, who is considered the Superman, because he’s capable of evil which normal human beings are not capable of doing."
Lyndon LaRouche, from The Beast-Man Syndrome and The ‘Air Terrorism’ of WorldWar II (EIR, October 31st, 2003)

Professional disgrace and ruin? Not if you're a member of the Satanist or Beast-man faction in the US military, for whom such crimes are a virtue. They'll probably actually get some sort of a reward for their service to this faction, which actually secretly runs the military. (Tarpley calls it the Special Forces underground.) As usual, the very identities of these traitors are being protected, perhaps because they no longer really have an identity. This is a good example of what I mean by the good guys in the US military being victims of this "war," which from one perspective is actually advanced SRA/Satanism on a vast scale.