Sunday, September 4, 2011

More of that "intelligence gathering" on a ley line (appended)

Then without warning last week, something unimaginable happened: Neighbours stormed the Tripoli lockup and used rocks and metal bars to smash the locks off cell doors. Abdullah and thousands of other inmates were suddenly free in a city that was being upturned by a takeover by revolutionaries.
The regime's loss of control over Abu Salim —where for decades Gaddafi had locked up and tortured opponents, or made them disappear — ended a dark chapter in the country's history and was a stark illustration of how quickly the regime collapsed.

(CBS/AP) TRIPOLI, Libya — The Bush administrations sent terror suspects to Libya for interrogation, despite that country's reputation for torture, according to documents found in the abandoned office of Libya's spy chief.

The intelligence documents were left behind when Tripoli fell to the rebels. They show a close working relationship between the Central Intelligence Agency and Muammar Qaddafi's intelligence service.

The CIA declined to comment on the documents. But it did say the U.S. works with foreign governments in an effort to fight terrorism.

Tripoli - the superman's winter getaway for sun, surf, and SRA, with nobodies from nowhere ("the worst of the worst") provided by the US military-intelligence complex and those fiscal conservatives in Congress.

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