Thursday, September 8, 2011

More signs of "the recovery" [33 111, 144, 9]

WASHINGTON — The United States does not have enough astronauts to meet the changing needs of human spaceflight in the coming years, warned a report Wednesday by a non-profit group that advises on science policy.

"Economic expert": "We've got to hit bottom, which means returning to the Stone Age, before we can do anything really productive besides making highly advanced weapons systems to help us hit bottom. Or we've got to pay off all of our unproductive debt before doing anything productive, even if it destroys civilization and kills most of us before we can pay the debts. Or we've got to save the planet. Or, something like that. Stop thinking and obey me! After all, we're just apes who've learned a few tricks, including thinking, in that last few thousand years, and our natural condition is living in the jungle beating each other over the head with clubs. All this other stuff is just an aberration, and we've got to correct it!"