Friday, September 30, 2011

No motive, no evidence: she's a WITCH!

PERUGIA, Italy — Amanda Knox killed her British roommate "for no reason" and the American student and her Italian former boyfriend should face the maximum penalty for their crime, her appeals trial was told on Friday.

Not only that, but she managed to participate in a frenzied blood-fest without leaving any evidence, and she lies so well that she hasn't been caught in a single one (other than those the police forced her to make). This can mean only one thing: she's possessed by the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, or some demon.

Did the police have a reason for refusing to allow repairs on the hard drives which they "accidentally" destroyed, and which might have provided Knox and Sollecito with an alibi? I suppose the next step is for them to get "lost," before anyone can sue Mignini's face.