Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama's cynical idea of infrastructure

Earth's dwindling water supplies have long prompted calls for water conservation and greener lifestyles. But while most people look for more conventional ways to save water, Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design are going for something a bit zanier. Together, they conceptualized Raincatch — a raincoat that catches rain, and recycles it into potable drinking water.

Knowing Obama, he'd probably consider it a good investment to spend $100M to ensure that every Texan has one of these raincoats. Who needs NAWAPA? Well, that's because you're sane and want to survive. It's so much Greener to go insane and die.

Another indication of screwed-up infrastructure priorities: building Freedom Tower (a stupid name, especially when real freedom is becoming scarce, which just happens to convert to 66 81, i.e. 66 9 i.e. 666). Is there a shortage of office space in this "Great Recession?" How about investing in something that we really need, like modern nuclear power plants or a maglev component factory, instead of diverting so many resources into something that we really don't need? Or is it being built in order to be destroyed by "Iran?"