Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama's public appearances as smokescreens

While trying to characterize the feeling I get while watching an Obama speech, which typically consists of him bellowing a lot of lofty rhetoric which has very little if anything to do with reality (other than at times being the complete opposite, a.k.a. big lies), it occurred to me that these appearances serve as smokescreens for his actual intentions. So, I Googled "Obama smokescreen" without the quotes, and found that a lot of others have this same perspective.

Obama's latest initiative, about which he will blow plenty of smoke, is his $450B "jobs bill" (introduced around the 10th anniversary of 9/11, which symbolized what his masters are actually doing to the economy), which is essentially a means for the incumbents to buy votes. Once the election is over, so will these jobs, because they will do nothing to create the basis for a lasting recovery, and they will not be sustainable. So, we'll be stuck with more debt but without what we really need at this point for further physical development. At some point, it will become impossible to produce what we need to reverse the collapse, as symbolized by the controlled demolition of the World TRADE Center. The "war on terror," from one perspective, is a means of implementing this intention, by destroying physical infrastructure, sapping resources, and creating vast amounts of debt.