Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oops - DSD via HDMI is encrypted

Music fans are also well catered for, the BDP-140 being designed as “a refined audio player”, capable of handling SACD (Super Audio CD) discs and outputting the signal via HDMI either as the DSD 1-bit stream, or high-resolution PCM at 88.2kHz/24-bit or 176.4kHz/24-bit.

In a previous post (now history), I assumed that the BDP-140 provided access to the unencrypted DSD signal, because I overlooked "via HDMI." HDMI is encrypted.

I still like the idea of putting encrypted and serialized DSD recordings onto serialized and RFID'd flash drives. If the price is right, and Grimm Audio's analog-DSD coverter is used to make the original master, I don't see why anyone would want any other high-res source. Even if high-res PCM is used for processing in the studio, where error rates are low, I doubt it would make an audible difference. But extracting data from optical discs is an error-prone operation, so DSD is superior in such a situation because individual bit errors are inconsequential. If flash drives are used, read errors are either drastically reduced or eliminated. However, it just makes sense to use a format that's insensitive to errors, regardless of their source.