Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some other magical coincidences about Darwinism

This morning, while in the bathroom, it occurred to me that I hadn't converted "Darwin" or "Darwinism" into their numerical equivalents. So I did, and it just so happens that "Darwin" converts to 69, and "Darwinism" to 110, both of which are among Satanism's most "magical" numbers, which is appropriate considering that Darwinism is a belief in magical coincidences. (Note that 69 has an implicit CCW rotation, which is a means of symbolizing the Devil. For example, the CW "swastika" symbolizes Christ, and the CCW Swastika symbolizes the Devil or Anti-Christ. 110 is 10 times the number of black magic - note that the WTC formed a giant 11 and had 110 floors, indicating that it was built to be destroyed as it was, right at the beginning of the millennium. All indications are that the Cult of Isis, the "mother" of organized Satanism, was behind 9/11. LaRouche has traced it back to a British-Saudi combination, which just so happens to be what Obama is hiding, and apparently hopes to conceal forever by eliminating the 1st Amendment with an Official Secrets Act.)

So, I surmise that Darwin was "persuaded" by the Cult of Isis to essentially put his name on a big lie that Satan wanted to foist upon the world to convince us that we're nothing but accidental combinations of particles which somehow have always existed (even though physicists have yet to find a single solid particle, or a particle that behaves like a solid particle), and which has served as the basis for the "scientific" and "philosophical" bases for existentialism [1] and the modern Satanist movement.

Perhaps being interred in Westminster Abbey was Darwin's payment for putting his name on Satan's lie about our origins. If you read the passage from the Origin of Species which I included in a previous post, Darwin was practically shouting that he didn't believe in "Darwinism," i.e. that he didn't create it. In fact, I doubt that anyone with half a brain and sufficient time to consider the implications of Darwinism really believes in it, unless they have some vested interest in believing it or or in claiming to believe it. I also assume that his biography is what is known as an "intelligence fable" which so far has lasted over a century.

[1] Existentialism is an evil lie, although existentialists aren't necessarily evil - although probably tormented with angst. The logical conclusion of existentialism is that we should all commit suicide immediately, since it means that there is ultimately no purpose to life, and there's so much suffering involved.