Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wikileaks dump intended to grease skids for imposing imperial Official Secrets Act on US?

"It was quite amazing, really," the British official told Horton. "Gonzales was obsessed with the Official Secrets Act. In particular, he wanted to know exactly how it was used to block newspapers and broadcasters from running news stories derived from official secrets, and how it could be used to criminalize persons who had no formal duty to maintain secrets.
Now, according to a consensus of experts, the Obama Administration is likely to go to Congress to pass an Official Secrets Act. Already, three leading Senators—McCain, Lieberman and Graham—are smarting from Wikileaks, and could be expected to front for the Obama White House in ramming through a total suppression of the First Amendment.

How embarrassing: releasing evidence of what anyone with half a brain could guess - that our government set Libya up to blow up and unleash regional chaos as part of their "Apocalypse," needing only some vague pretext to destroy its security apparatus with an aerial bombing campaign. So, as a result of this, and doing everything imaginable to encourage Bradley Manning to download classified material onto CDs, stroll out of a "secure" area with them, and turn them over to Wikileaks, they intend to effectively nullify the Constitution by imposing a British imperial law designed mainly to conceal evil deeds perpetrated by government officials. If that's not proof of super-patriotism, I don't know what is.