Monday, October 31, 2011

Those darned supermen!

"It was the most ridiculous chain of events that happened," she said while sobbing Monday. "It's still hard to believe what happened."

These people were treated like criminals, and their 3-year old daughter was taken from them overnight, because they forgot to pay for a couple of sandwiches! Note the lack of compassion in the name of protecting society. Also note that there's very little that can be done to hold those responsible accountable - it was all carefully considered with organized Satanism's legal division before they decided to abuse this family.

More hints that court knew truth about Kercher murder?

The judge who presided at the trial of Amanda Knox and her former Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, has reportedly said they may be guilty after all.

Speaking just two days after he and his fellow judges handed down a full acquittal on appeal, Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann, said the court's verdict "is the result of the truth that was created in the proceedings. But the real truth may be different. They may be responsible, but the evidence is not there." [To me, this was a declaration that he was referring to the Twilight Zone, because the appeal verdict essentially declared them to be innocent of the murder, not just "not proven guilty."]
On Wednesday, he had already begun to muddy the waters, telling another interviewer: "THIS WILL REMAIN AN UNSOLVED TRUTH. NO ONE CAN SAY HOW THINGS WENT." [This contradicts the following paragraph, in which he indicates that Guede knows. I think what he meant was that he knows the truth, and that it will never be revealed.]
Hellmann said: "I cannot affirm that Rudy Guede is the only one who knows what happened that night." But he added: "He certainly knows and hasn't said. Perhaps the two [other] accused, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, also know." [To me, the insinuation that Knox and Sollecito might have been involved was intended to help the "justice" system save face.]

This is essentially a continuation of a theme started in the previous post - that various officials seem to have been dropping hints that organized Satanism was behind the Kercher murder and the subsequent "witch hunt," i.e. witches hunting for scapegoats to crucify.

More potential evidence that "botched robbery" was a cover story for Guede's likely Satanic motive (revised)

Mignini theorized that Knox "herself felt the need to eliminate the traces of her presence" at her home, and accused her and Sollecito of going so far as to stage a break-in at the apartment to make the murder look like a burglary gone bad.
One of those questions is about Rudy Guede, who in 2008 received a 30-year sentence for sexual assault and aiding and abetting murder in Kercher’s death, although the sentence was reduced to 16 years on appeal. Knox and Sollecito were never named in the ruling, which said only that he had aided unknown “others” in the crime.

While going over this month-old AP article, written by someone pretending to be mystified over Knox's acquittal, the first passage above jumped out at me because of my recent conclusion that Guede's motive was not to commit robbery, but to undergo a Satanic "initiation," and to provide Mignini with another Monster of Florence-type case to serve as the "basis" for yet another witch-hunt.

While reading the passage, it occurred to me that Mignini's "theory" about a staged burglary was probably another example of his habit of covertly admitting his own evil by projecting it onto his intended victim. Note the persistence of this claim even after it became clear that Guede had broken into the apartment through a window, meaning that there had to be an ulterior motive for the persistence. I contend that this motive was Mignini's love of dropping sly hints of his own evil.

The media, and not the Italian "justice" system, was the source of the claim that Guede's motive for killing Kercher was robbery, so it's not official. The Italian "justice" system is still pretending that Guede was involved, but wasn't the actual killer, because a higher-level court concluded that Guede did not act alone, and this assumption is evidently so sacrosanct that it is being treated as if it were physical evidence. This, I believe, explains the bizarre spectacle of people pretending that there is physical evidence that Guede had help, but that it has yet to be found. It might also be intended to "justify" keeping Guede's ridiculously lenient sentence in place so he can be released in a couple of years, and perhaps even declared innocent and compensated for his time in prison.

After posting the initial version of this post, I found the lower excerpt above, and realized that the referenced "ruling," which states that Guede "had aided unknown 'others' in the crime," can be construed as a confirmation of my claim that he had been put up to it by organized Satanism, and perhaps by Mignini himself. One reason I believe this is that there was no good evidence that others were involved, so the court had no basis for making this ruling other than Mignini's fantasy, or perhaps an awareness of what was actually behind the murder.

Revision: Added 2nd excerpt and last paragraph.

Journalists closing in on Olsen's would-be killer (revised)

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The police officers on the center front line when tear gas was fired directly at Marine Scott Olsen are with the San Francisco Sheriff Emergency Services Unit (ESU.)
Three of the officers on the center front police line, from where the tear gas was fired and flash bang was thrown, have been identified. They are San Francisco Sheriff ESU officer Scott Bergstresser, officer Hugo Aparicio (both in top photo) and officer Ceciel Yambao.

Numerous videos identify the San Francisco Sheriff ESU officers. On the videos, an Oakland Police officer can be heard issuing commands.

The ACLU points out that the Oakland Police Department was already prohibited from using projectiles against crowds of passive resisters, as a result of a previous lawsuit.
"The ACLU of Northern California and the National Lawyers' Guild demanded a full investigation of Tuesday's events.

A full investigation? When has the ACLU ever breathed "Satanism" in any of their conclusions? What it would find if it were to seriously investigate this attempted murder - committed by a brave soldier in a war on his conscience, or by some pod who couldn't stifle the urge to kill - is Nietzsche-Satan's deep philosophy: might makes right.

This same philosophy can be seen in the narcissist Nerobama's habit of murdering by secret decree - just him, his Star Chamber, and his supermen/assassins. His appearances in public and the media serve as smokescreens for what he does in secret, and as reported here, a US Senator is trying to make it a felony to divulge such "classified" criminal activity. This bill would also allow the President to simply declare something to be classified, instead of having to first prove that it deserves to be classified. This is a perfect fit for Obama's God-complex.

Revision: Added last two sentences.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scott Olsen's would-be killer disappears into the woodwork

The incident has prompted an independent police review of the clashes, which Police Chief Howard Jordan said will determine IF officers on the scene used excessive force on Olsen and others.
Oakland Police yesterday released a statement that said they cannot speak for the actions of other law enforcement agencies on the scene. Other police forces from the Bay Area and Northern California were involved.
Since 9/11, this secretive group of men (and a few women) has grown tenfold while sustaining a level of obscurity that not even the CIA has managed. "We're the dark matter. We're the force that orders the universe but can't be seen," a strapping Navy SEAL, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said in describing his unit.

While the police are "investigating," they should also try to find their butts with both hands. Of COURSE the brave "superman" responsible for shooting Olsen in the head with a teargas projectile at point blank range (leaving him unable to talk, at least as of this writing) will get away with attempted murder - they're invisible, unaccountable appendages, or eventual appendages, of the Great One. Hold one truly accountable, and the Great One will begin to shiver. Instead, they'll throw millions of dollars if necessary into making it disappear, and send their untouchable piece of dark matter back for more training on how to hide Satanism in plain sight. It's also possible that they'll make a show of holding him accountable, but without really doing so.

Foreclosure-mill Halloween party photos show contempt for foreclosure victims

For some reason I haven't been able to determine, Halloween seems to be a big deal for Satanists, perhaps because it serves as a hint that witchcraft consists largely of astral projection, a form of clairvoyance which allows perception of the astral realm. Perhaps they also like to think that they have roots in paganism, which arose in response to mankind's gradual loss of his atavistic unthinking clairvoyance, with which he communed with the spiritual world and obtained guidance from it. Dionysian abandon was part of the attempt to revive this clairvoyance, and it appears to me that Satanism's Dionysian aspect was grafted onto the Dionysianism of paganism. So, it seems to me that this would be the main connection between paganism and Satanism. Another possibility is that Halloween trickery can become SRA with a little twist, and then there's the perspective that possession is a matter of a Satanic spirit using a human body as "mask," although this perspective would be kept secret from potential recruits. So, all I have is speculation.

In a previous post, I offhandedly mentioned that organized Satanism is having a field day foreclosing on people, threatening to do so, and watching them grovel for more favorable terms, only to give them nothing or next to nothing in return. The large number of vacant homes shows that their priority is to inflict suffering/SRA, and thanks to their prostitutes in the federal government, they can afford to let them sit empty, fall apart, and become blights and havens for criminal activity. Once in a while, they'll sell a foreclosed home to someone they favor at an incredibly low price, undercutting the values of the rest of the homes in the area (whose prices would have been allowed to fall, along with the price of the mortgage, if the "free market" weren't rigged by massive government intervention on behalf of the banks).

Now, an article has appeared on the internet, which claims to show photos from a Halloween party from last year, in which employees of a major "foreclosure mill" are shown mocking those they have made homeless. Assuming these photos are genuine, they would seem to indicate their enjoyment of destroying lives, or their efforts to cultivate the ability to enjoy destroying lives.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Media pretends not to notice cooling trend

BOSTON (Reuters) - A rare October snowstorm barreled up the heavily populated East Coast on Saturday, threatening up to a foot of snow, cutting power to nearly a million households and forcing at least 1,000 flight cancellations.

Note that the use of "rare" implies that they're trying to fit the facts to the "theory" that the climate is warming, instead of admitting that their "theory" is "wrong" (i.e. that they've been lying). It would also have the effect of lulling Easterners into a false sense of security, if anyone believed them.

Italian government admits it's an Orwellian fascist state

Italian cops intercepted 39,000 calls in Amanda Knox case, lawyers revealed today.

They would have done it anyways - they were just using the supposed "need" to gather evidence as an excuse. Unless you're a Satanist, avoid Italy like the plague it is.

Putting Knox's ordeal into perspective

SRA is repetitive ("ritual") gratuitous cruelty of any kind which for each perpetrator escalates from something innocuous to whatever is required to accomplish its purpose, which is to open the soul of the perpetrator to possession by Satanic demons. This turns the human into an indirect puppet of Satan, whose goal is to destroy mankind, as symbolized by Skull & Bones' "class photos." The table holding the skull and bones symbolizes an Earth from which the human spirit has been driven, and the clock set to 8 symbolizes the so-called 8th Sphere, into which the forces of evil hope to drive the human spirit by cultivating a dread of Earth-life, combined with escapism into fantasy.

Advanced SRA takes the form of such things as "enhanced interrogation," torture, and "sectarian violence." There is always some "war" or some dictatorship with torture chambers to provide opportunities for advanced SRA. Secret flights by intelligence agencies facilitate this activity, by flying Satanists into the "war" zone, or "terrorists" from the "war" zone to the Satanists. Understanding the US Torture State provides some idea of prevalence of advanced SRA.

The typical entryway into Satanism is through orgies of Dionysian loveless abandon to sexual urges, which are apparently known to take place in Perugia, and which Mignini oddly doesn't find worth his while despite his belief that they lead to murder. The point is loveless abandonment to one's lowest urges. Nietzsche, who at times channeled Satan (such as for the entirety of The Anti-Christ), urged Dionysian abandon as a means of liberating "expansive energies," which are mysteriously absent from Maslow's hierarchy. In fact, these "expansive energies" are proto-human Satanic spirits who will become "human" during the next incarnation of our solar system. The Book of Revelation is partly a symbolic vision of the transition from its current incarnation to the next. Darwinism is an attempt by Satan to convince us that we're nothing but accidental combinations of particles, which are supposedly all that is eternal. Well, where are these particles? You just gotta BELIEVE! Without them, there is no Darwinism and no "superman" with the right to trample "slaves" underfoot, and Satan's "philosophical justification" for SRA evaporates.

Another aspect of Satanism is gratuitous lying, which is a form of cruelty. This can be seen in comments by "guilters," who would never let the facts stand in the way of their crusade to slime Knox. One or more of them put Kercher's autopsy photos on the internet, supposedly to remind us what Knox supposedly caused, but actually as a hint of their lack of soul and intent toward mankind, which Orwell called "the obliteration of the self." The Ripper (i.e. organized Satanism) also proclaimed this when he proclaimed the age of Satan, right after Satan finished dictating The Anti-Christ to Nietzsche.

The "Christian" Mignini said that Knox was unknowingly involved in a Satanic ritual. In fact, he was slyly referring to HIS Satanic ritual - her false imprisonment and "trial" - in which she was the VICTIM. He knew she was innocent from the start, and he intended to destroy her soul, starting out with months in isolation.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Trichet: Only 6 billion to go

Trichet: "I'm from the ECB, and I'm here to balance your books. Where do you keep your peasants?"

BERLIN (Reuters) - European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said in an interview in a German newspaper to be published on Sunday that the euro zone sovereign debt crisis was not yet over and that it was too early for the all-clear signal.

Since when do we need a good reason for invading another country?

Map of Iran-region showing major sections of the Eurasian Land-Bridge

Reul Marc Gerecht, a former CIA agent who has long supported a war with Iran, said the U.S. must "not run away from that war, but run towards it," and that we must "tell the world we are more willing to have another front on the war on terror.... I don't think that you're going to really intimidate these people, get their attention, unless you shoot somebody."

Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.), the co-author of the "surge" in Iraq, said: "Let's not wring our hands. If the international community doesn't want to step up to it, we go without 'em. We've got to put our hand around their throat right now." He called for the U.S. to begin killing or capturing members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Quds Force, including its leader, Qasem Sulemani.

We'll no doubt find the WMD after we invade, right?

The map for this entry shows the real purpose for their fixation on Iran: the Eurasian Land-Bridge would go right through it (Iraq is partly covered in blue, which apparently represents the major rivers there), so that destroying this region is crucial for preventing the implementation of the Land Bridge, and thus destroying civilization and mankind. "Christian" Fundamentalism, which was created by the Satanic British empire, will provide the "Apocalyptic" cover story if it happens. This is precisely the sort of thing you'd expect pod people to be doing, i.e. starting an insane war which would destroy civilization, kill billions of people, and provide an opportunity for building an Orwellian/Satanic/fascist world order on the ashes, as part of Satan's agenda to drive the human spirit out of the world. This is really why Mignini was so determined to put Knox in a cage, being poked by Satanists, for the rest of her life.

Official history of Knox ordeal is in the fab shop

Guede was a known petty thief with a history of second story break-ins and threatening people with a knife. A rich benefactor had tossed him out because he would not attend school or work and was "a habitual liar." He was known to bother girls in the clubs and was banned from one club because he tried to rob the owner. He had been caught in a nursery school six days before the murder with a knife and stolen property from an earlier burglary. The day of the murder he was in trouble with his landlady for non-payment of rent; he was burglarizing Meredith’s apartment when she came home alone.
Mignini was angry, humiliated and he was losing Face; this powerful man needed a way to draw attention from himself. On November 2, 2007, just after 1pm, he got what he wanted, a British student had been murdered and there was an American girl at the scene.

Well, those are the cover stories anyways. I've gone over them before, so I won't do it here except to say that the organized Satanism is in the details.

I found this article by monitoring tweets at the Injustice In Perugia website. Another of the tweets for today indicated that "Michael Winterbottom Amanda Knox movie going for LAME 'We may never know the truth' theme." So, it's clear from this and The Ministry of Truth issues its position on the Knox ordeal that the official history of this case is being put in place in the form of the usual banal cover stories for evil.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

JSOC: "dark matter" that "orders the universe"

Since 9/11, this secretive group of men (and a few women) has grown tenfold while sustaining a level of obscurity that not even the CIA has managed. "We're the dark matter. We're the force that orders the universe but can't be seen," a strapping Navy SEAL, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said in describing his unit.

And you're doing such a good job of it too.

The Ministry of Truth issues its position on the Knox ordeal

Few crimes in recent years have captured the imagination quite so much as the murder in Perugia of Meredith Kercher. The beauty and kindness of the victim, the fresh faces of her alleged assassins, and their passion for sex and drugs, all set against the backdrop of one of Italy's most stunning cities, made this a story that was as captivating as it was tragic. Now that both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been acquitted of Kercher's murder, the story becomes in some ways even more fascinating, as no one knows quite what to believe any more. Many people remain convinced that the two are guilty.
We will, of course, never really know what happened.
... the British media, from the Fabian Society-linked London Guardian to the right-wing Tory Daily Telegraph, is carrying out a coordinated black propaganda campaign, to save London's grip over the White House—by defending British health care as a world-class system, far better than that of the United States.
A former official of N.M. Rothschild and a former chairman of the Fabian-allied Guardian Media Group, Lord Myners was the architect of the London bank bailout.
This outlook follows lawfully from Blair's adherence to the British Fabian Society, home of the "liberal imperialist" faction of British politics, which served as the launching pad for both H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell in the late 19th Century.

I've noticed that the names given to a lot of the oligarchical societies make the most sense when converted to their numerical equivalent. For example, The Coefficients Club converts to 33 114 38, i.e. 6 6 11, and The Fabian Society converts to 33 33 96, i.e. 6 6 6. These groups are about as close to the purely evil heart of the British empire as it gets, and the Guardian is an outlet for one of the worst of these. This reviewer clearly couldn't care less about truth, such as that his object of prey, Amanda Knox, might have a condition that would explain some of her unusual behavior, or that actual crime-scene reconstruction experts have explained exactly how Rudy Guede committed the murder alone. No - he's following orders to protect Satan's servant Mignini and his sidekick Guede, and to continue to crucify an innocent young woman. I'd say he should be ashamed, but he clearly has no shame.

Mammon's British empire: who needs the federal government?

But it would be foolhardy to confuse the health of the debate in our nation's capital with that of the country as a whole, or the vitality of our federal government with that of our federal republic.

This is one of those feel-good fantasies, from some British-run "think tank" (imperial policy laundromat which washes the British pedigree off of the ideas it pushes) of an economy that can thrive despite the fact that the federal government is doing everything it can to destroy the global economy without being too obvious. Its object is to convince us that what the federal government is doing, and not doing, can be overcome by going around it, and I assume by having cities and states prostitute themselves to the very enemy which has turned the federal government from a force for good into its opposite.

The fact is that we need the tool known as the federal government in order to do things that only it can do, such as issue credit out of thin air for projects which we as a nation have decided are optimal solutions to national problems, and which more than pay for themselves over the long term, such as NAWAPA, flood-control systems, a maglev transport system, modern nuclear energy, and research into fusion energy.

Right now, that tool is under the control of our enemy, through that British-empire-filled shell known as Barack Obama, who is transforming into a modern Hitler right under our noses. How long before the night-time JSOC raids and disappearances of his enemies begins here in the US, now that Congress has given him carte blanche to piss all over the Constitution and murder Americans in other countries, as well as inconvenient washed-up imperial henchmen such as Gadhafi?

It won't be long until the above-referenced article, if it is remembered at all, will be recognized as the British imperial attempt to lull us into a false sense of security which it is.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knox ordeal also intended as a huge distraction?

In addition to the various aspects I've already exposed about what is most succinctly described as the Knox ordeal, there's also its value to the Establishment as a distraction for millions of people who became consumed by it. A couple of years back, I declared that it reeked of SRA, and let it drop. Obviously my words of wisdom had little impact on the course of her ordeal, and nothing I could have written probably would have made much difference. So, it's just as well that I didn't become consumed by it.

My main interest at this point is using it as a means of exposing certain aspects of Satanism (such as how it operates right under our noses while projecting bogus forms of Satanism onto others, thus "demonizing" them, allowing them to be subjected to SRA).

Knox's ordeal began with a massive disinformation campaign that got her and Sollecito convicted, and convinced a lot of us that she was what Mignini claimed, followed by an energetic campaign to counteract the disinformation and to ensure that truth prevailed even in Italy's Satanic court system.

But I'm beginning to wonder whether those who campaigned to get Knox out had pure motives, or if they were actually interested in drawing us into the conflict. Was Knox targeted partly for being an American in order to distract Americans from what's going on here? Based on my interactions with a couple of the more significant pro-Knox groups, I gather that they know that the reality of Satanism is the "third rail" for anyone who wants to be taken seriously in a world secretly run by it. Instead of being interested in getting to the truth, it seems that they're more interested in creating conflict, keeping the discussion within the realm of the consensus reality, and maintaining our belief in happy endings.

A simple observation on the "economic recovery plan"

Oct. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Democrats on the congressional supercommittee charged with reducing government debt proposed a plan that would cut almost $3 trillion over 10 years and includes $1.3 trillion in tax increases, according to a congressional aide.

Unstated is the assumption that it is impossible to organize the economy to be more productive, and thus to produce more real revenue (partly by producing more of the stuff we really need - such as nuclear power, transportation, and fresh water - and thus bringing down the cost). This Congress is acting like a bunch of pod people, or a bunch of hostages suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and Obama is using their staged inaction as an excuse to transform into a fascist dictator, pretending that what he wants is what's best for us, when what he wants is what the British oligarchy wants.

Obama, showing his fascist transformation, evidently ordered Ghaddafi to be executed to prevent him from revealing too many "state secrets" in any trial, and Ghaddafi was dead the next day. Then the gang now running Libya showed its true ghoulish "morality" by putting Ghaddafi's body on display, just like Italy did when it made a big show of "dumping fascism," by executing Mussolini and his wife and putting their bodies on display. The fascism never left - it was just hidden.

Behold one of Satan's Supermen in action

No, he's not a criminal in uniform - he's a superman by virtue of his ability to do things so low that no human would consider doing them for a second, as proven by this video. As with Italy's government's protection of Beast-man Mignini, or the US government's protection of the Blackwater operatives behind the Nissour Square massacre, don't hold your breath waiting for this superman to be held accountable, even though video proves his guilt. After all, he's above the law because he's a superman! The logic is inescapable.

Proven: Guede's sentence was drastically reduced for lying (revised)

In March 2010, the court explained it had reduced Guede's sentence by 14 years because he was the only one of the three defendants to apologize to the Kercher family for his failure to come to her rescue.

In the initial version of this post ("Guede's sentence reduced massively for lying apologetically!", below), I didn't take into consideration that this sick joke was based on Mignini's fantasy that Guede was just a participant in the murder, and not the knife-wielder. So, this drastic sentence-reduction essentially amounts to Guede being rewarded for "confessing" that Mignini's fantasy was true, and for "apologizing" for "his" actions (or lack thereof) in the fantasy. This would mean that Mignini's fantasy was "proven" by a lie, instead of evidence and reason.

This also confirms my initial suspicion that GUEDE'S SENTENCE WAS ACTUALLY REDUCED FOR LYING IN SUPPORT OF MIGNINI'S LIES. The "judge" who reduced his sentence essentially admitted it!

Thus "proven," of course it thus "proved" that Knox was the killer. Because she would not "apologize" for "her" actions in the fantasy, her sentence was not reduced. This is the really twisted part of this sick joke, because it implies that Knox's sentence would have been reduced if she had "apologized" for "her" actions in the fantasy. But this would amount to "confessing" that she was the actual murderer, and no amount of apology would reduce her sentence significantly.

This sort of thing is why this court has been compared to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. However, it's not the product of insanity, but evil. Mignini and his legalistic coven sat around and deliberately concocted this sick joke dripping with contempt for the human race, no doubt getting many a wicked laugh out of it.

This demonstrates that Knox's trial, from one perspective, was an "interrogation," the goal of which was to torment her until she "confessed" that Mignini's fantasy was true. THIS THEREFORE PROVES THAT MIGNINI IS CAPABLE OF HAVING LED THE INTERROGATION THAT PRODUCED KNOX'S SIGNED "CONFESSION."

Unfortunately for Mignini, the world was onto him because Knox's allies had gotten the truth-snowball rolling downhill. (He complained bitterly about being flushed out from under his rock into the light of day, an he quickly slithered back under it as soon as possible.) So Italy's "justice" system had to pretend to be an actual justice system until the spotlight was taken off of them. This explains the dichotomy between the results of the two "trials" - the first was normal Italian "justice" - a mass of lies - and the second was the result of exposing those lies to the world.

Revision: Clarified final paragraph

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Perugian court's dilemma

Now it's becoming clear to my why the court system which sponsored Mignini's Satanic ritual refuses to accept the fact that Rudy Guede killed Meredith Kercher by himself: because his current sentence was supposedly based on Mignini's fantasy that he killed her in league with Knox and Sollecito. (It was actually based on their intent to let him out after 7 years for good behavior, regardless of how he behaves.) So now that Knox and Sollecito have been vindicated and released, the court has had to come up with phantom partners for Guede, or some vague excuse to continue to pretend that Knox and Sollecito MIGHT have been involved, since they can't absolutely prove that they WEREN'T involved! It should be interesting to see how they resolve Mignini's fine mess.

Guede's sentence reduced massively for lying apologetically!

In March 2010, the court explained it had reduced Guede's sentence by 14 years because he was the only one of the three defendants to apologize to the Kercher family for his failure to come to her rescue.

This "explanation" is a sick joke. You don't give a murderer a break because he apologizes for not saving the person he murdered! Why would Knox and Sollecito apologize, since they weren't there?

Article provides credible insights into Guede

Prosecutors accuse him of sexually assaulting Miss Kercher with the help of Knox and Sollecito in what may have been a kinky sex game gone horribly awry.

In the document, Abukar Mohamed Barrow, known as “Momi”, accused Guede of drinking too much, taking drugs and trying to steal the handbags of young women during nights out on the town.

“Rudy was often drunk. I know he took cocaine. Often he was off his head with the drugs that he was taking. And when he was like that he would be a nuisance to girls, he’d block their path and try to hassle them. When we were in crowded places he stole their bags,” Barrow testified, according to excerpts of his evidence printed in the Italian press.

Guede has previously complained that he has been falsely accused of being a drug dealer, a drug user and a criminal, and that instead he led a “tranquil and serene” life.

Guede’s separate, fast-track trial will start at the end of next week and could finish by October – before the judge has even ruled on whether there is enough evidence to send Knox and Sollecito to trial.

A quick trial limits the number of witnesses and kinds of evidence that can be submitted and if convicted defendants generally receive lighter sentences. Guede’s lawyers have said that their client will not make any admission of guilt, however. A fast-track proceeding is closed to the public, unlike a full trial.

So it would seem that the police had been turning a blind eye to Guede's crimes even before his crime spree leading up to the murder. Although some might consider this to be evidence that my Satanism theory is all wet, I think it supports my suspicions, precisely because he was allowed to run rampant, perhaps as a form of SRA. So, his crime spree and Kercher's murder could indeed have been a sort of initiation.

Considering the implications of this sort of testimony, it's no wonder that he was given a fast-track trial, in which the hearings, according to an article I dug up, "are closed to the public and press."

When did Mignini first know about Guede's supposed robbery motive?

He has continued to pin Meredith’s missing 300 euro on the American student, even after cops found his DNA on the victim’s handbag and PROSECUTOR GIULIANO MIGNINI ADMITTED TO OGGI MAGAZINE THAT “RUDY REACHED INTO HER PURSE.” INEXPLICABLY HE ALSO KNEW ABOUT THE THEFT BEFORE IT APPEARED IN THE PRESS. Meredith was murdered on rent day, and Rudy’s landlady was looking for him, because he was out of cash. He’d also been abandoned by his rich foster family.

Mignini's early awareness of the theft might indicate that "botched robbery" was intended in advance to serve as the ultimate cover story for what I suspect was the actual motive: Satanism.

Even though Guede was eventually found guilty of Kercher's murder, his motive was never seriously considered in court or by the media, perhaps because doing so would expose the weaknesses in the "botched robbery" cover story, and threaten to expose what I suspect was the actual motive (Satanism). If the motive were robbery, he should have known that he couldn't get away with it without protection from low people in high places, because if he allowed Kercher to live, she would report him, and if he killed her, the police would identify him with forensics. So, he's either an idiot, or he was assured that he would be protected. Perhaps running off to Germany was intended to give the impression that he was simply shortsighted. [1]

The media then fed us the cover story in an offhanded manner so that we wouldn't think about it and recognize its absurdity. So, now that Mignini's jig is up and Knox and Sollecito are free, we've been left with the impression that the murder was the result of a botched robbery, and Satanism remains hidden.

I previously expressed suspicion that he was temporarily possessed by the Spirits of Darkness, and I suppose that's still possible, but I now tend to discount that possibility because of the indications that he was put up to it by organized Satanism, partly as a sort of "initiation," and partly to give Mignini another "Monster of Florence"-type case. I've written previously that Guede raped Kercher as she lay dying, but that was based on a potentially erroneous report. He did partially strip her, and there are reports that an apparent semen stain was found at the scene, but that the police declined to test it, using their typical lame excuses.

Another reason to doubt the cover story is that if Guede were so desperate for money that he was willing to rob people in their homes, it seems to me that he would have said something to his apparently wealthy foster father. It seems to me that his foster father's responsibility, and the responsibility of the police who turned a blind eye to Guede's pre-murder crime spree, are being swept under the rug, perhaps because excessive scrutiny would expose the contrived nature of their "botched robbery" cover story. Again, this is one of those areas where you would expect an investigation to focus, if there were a real investigation. But instead, there's a cover-up, a brick wall hiding the string-pullers behind the scenes.

Another example of potential efforts to conceal organized Satanism is the fact that transcripts of Guede's phone conversations which were recorded by the German police have evidently not been posted to the internet, even partially, whereas there are COMPLETE TRANSCRIPTS of his later Skype conversations, which were apparently scripted by Mignini. So, his unscripted conversations are hidden, and his scripted ones are served up on a silver platter (a server's hard drive).

[1] His lawyer discovered a new psychological motive for running from a murder, while innocent! It reminds me of John Candy's comedy-act in which he played the part of a physician who was "explaining" the dire consequences of tight underwear.

Meredith Kercher's friends remember her tenderly

Yup, it's happened: Meredith Kercher's autopsy photos are apparently on the internet, if Google Search auto-fill is to be believed on this matter. I didn't look, of course.

So, where are the Kerchers? Do they really care about their daughter's memory, or are they just pretending to care in exchange for wads of cash from organized Satanism? Why aren't they suing the Italian government?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Am I way off base about Guede? (revised)

Image: Guede apparently posing by pointedly pointing to pan of apparent rice. Also note that the treble clef on his shirt resembles a 6, which has an implicit CCW rotation, which is a means of symbolizing the Anti-Christ, as in the Nazi swastika.

One thing that strikes me as I try to find information on Rudy Guede is how little we know about him as a person, other than the bare outline of his life, his lack of ambition, his criminal activity, and his proclivity for lying. His image in the media is that of someone who was convicted on the basis of irrefutable physical evidence that he alone murdered Meredith Kercher, but who is still somehow possibly innocent. It's as if he was processed as quickly and quietly as possible only because it was impossible to deny the evidence against him, and given the lowest possible sentence (to which the Kerchers interestingly didn't object) on ludicrous grounds that might seem plausible to the casual observer, in order to sweep him under the rug and get back to crucifying Knox, partly by treating the actual killer far better than her!

Guede hasn't been psychologically profiled, whereas Knox has been "diagnosed" in the media as having all sorts of disorders from sociopathy to narcissism to Asperger's syndrome, the last of which actually seems to fit, but which only tends to exonerate her and to make her treatment by Italy's "justice" system look all the more incompetent and vicious. (But since the viciousness was deliberate, what might seem like incompetence to someone with a conscience was actually competence. Perhaps you recall the case in Baghdad where a bunch of Satanists were starving a bunch of helpless mentally challenged children while sitting in an adjoining room stuffing their own faces, and then posing with the children, who were chained up on the floor. To them, acting counter to human nature is the mark of a superhuman. They've swallowed Satan's BS because it resonates with their narcissistic-psychopathic beliefs.)

Guede's motive was never examined in any detail, perhaps out of fear of where it would lead (i.e. Satanism and/or Mignini), and perhaps so that he can eventually be said to have had no motive, and to be innocent. Are we to assume that Guede would murder someone for just a few hundred Euros and leave PROOF of his guilt, without being a blithering, amoral idiot, or believing that he would be protected from prosecution, or both? There is evidence for both, but there is also the possibility of darker motives, as mentioned in previous posts.

We don't know anything about his sex life (a love life is clearly off the table for him), although he apparently liked to hang out at bars, flirting and dancing with women, although he obviously would not hesitate to crudely cut the throats of other women with the right opportunity and motive (whatever that might be). There has been no indication of whether he attended any of the orgies in the Perugia area, but his known lifestyle could be construed as a sort of "antechamber" to an orgy.

As far as I know, he's being treated as well as possible for being in prison, in stark contrast to Knox's tour of Hell. Nor have the "guilters" done a hatchet job on his character - the same prosecutor who ran out of words to describe Knox's "evil" actually called Guede a "poor unfortunate!"

Why does organized Satanism have so much sympathy for Guede, or at least not the animosity it has for Knox? Is is because he's one of them? It would make sense. Besides all of the preceding signs, he's also a decent physical specimen, which is a prerequisite for being invited into Satanism, since people with decent bodies make the best tools for Satanic beings. Then there's his proclivity for posing for photos while holding his right hand in a somewhat unnatural position which can be construed as a 666.

So, these are just some of the reasons I suspect that Guede is a member of organized Satanism, although perhaps not the sharpest tool in the drawer. Perhaps he hopes that obtaining "magical powers" will give him some intelligence, but there's only one problem with this, and that is that once you become possessed, your body might be controlled by a more intelligent being, but it's not you.

On Guede's motive

It is very difficult or impossible to prove Rudy Guede's actual motive for murdering Meredith Kercher, which he did by himself. (The crime scene analysis by Ron Hendry , a professional at that sort of thing, was of course not used at her trial, because it would have proven that Guede did it alone.)

I have written previously that he would have known that he would have to kill Kercher when he entered her room, because she would be able to identify him, and that up to the point where he entered her room, he had a choice of just strolling out of the apartment, perhaps even after flushing the toilet, without Kercher noticing or becoming alarmed. So, if he merely intended to steal some money, as most assume, he would have to be an utter moron to think that he could get away with it, unless he knew that he would be protected by friends in high places. They had apparenly been looking the other way during his crime spree leading up to the murder, so maybe he assumed that they would continue to do so in response to the murder. The police refused to testify during his trial about Guede's crime spree leading up to the murder, and about their respose.

I also find the claims about him being abandoned by his foster parents to be interesting. Why haven't they been implicated in any of what subsequently unfolded? Were the claims that they abandoned him, and that he was desperate for money, part of a cover story?

So, going over my recent previous posts and wondering if I've been playing too loosely with with motive, I still think that my scenario is as plausible as any, although it's possible that Mignini's response was opportunistic, and not pre-planned, and that his sympathetic attitude toward Guede was due to Guede's assistance in pinning the murder on Knox and Sollecito, and not an indication of a partnership that preceded the murder.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Giuliano Mignini, keeper of the "Satanic ritual murder" legend (rev A)

Rev A: Added sentence to end of 1st para.

There are so many facets to what organized Satanism is trying to accomplish with its apparent tool Giuliano Mignini that new ones occur to me often, and I forget ones I've already recognized. However, one of the biggies is to keep the subliminal belief in "black masses" and similar sordid, dark fantasies alive. The nearest reality to these fantasies is an initiation into black magic, assuming they haven't changed significantly in the last couple of thousand years. Based on Rudolf Steiner's clairvoyant perceptions of such events from the time of Christ, each degree of initiation required a murder in a very quick, precise, and grisly manner, in order to generate certain spiritual forces. Naturally, the details nave not been revealed, but based on Steiner's description, Guede's sloppy murder-rape hardly qualifies as a black magic initiation, although I suppose it's possible that he believed that it was such an initiation. Perhaps his crime spree leading up to the murder was intended as preparation for his "initiation." It's really impossible to be certain. However, there is no doubt that such hideous torture-murder, done with the "right" attitude, could contribute to demonic possession, even though it's unlikely to be repeated, at least very often, in the absence of war or other types of chaos where the evidence of such activity could be concealed.

But in order to keep these fantasies alive, there has to be a minimum amount of "evidence," and this was a likely motive behind the Monster of Florence killings. Obviously, they get a lot of mileage out of each of these murders, so a lot of thinking goes into how they're going to respond. So, I suspect that Mignini planned to use Lumumba, Knox, and Sollecito as the scapegoats even before Kercher was murdered.

More perspective on Mignini and Guede

In order to understand why the Italian "justice" system allowed Mignini to put so many people through hell, and to waste so much time and money, you must recognize that "Satanic ritual abuse" is meant in the sense of being repetitious, like a morning ritual, not in the sense of being ceremonial. SRA can consist of ANY FORM OF GRATUITOUS CRUELTY, as long as it remains hidden or can be explained as something else, and it's most effective against KNOWN INNOCENT PEOPLE such as Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba, for simply being human. Mignini himself said that Knox was unknowingly part of a Satanic ritual, referring to what HE (and his fellow Satanists within the Italian "justice" system, and organized Satanism all over the world) were doing to HER and her sympathizers. "Guilters" don't really believe she's guilty - they're lying in order to torment her.

The main purpose of SRA is to open the perpetrator's soul to demonic possession, although they're naturally not told this. Crowley, in The Book of the Law, admitted that he could not admit the real reason for SRA: "Enough of because! Be he damned for a dog!" Instead, they're told they're on the path to wizardry, or they're fed Nietzsche (much of Nietzsche's writings, such as The Anti-Christ, were essentially channeled from Satan), and told that SRA is part of being a superman, or part of becoming a superman. They're told whatever it takes to lure them into the trap.

Hellfire Club-style orgies, which are intended to cultivate loveless abandon to one's lowest nature, serve as an entry into Satanism. Their purpose to to elicit possession by proto-humans who currently dwell in Satan's "underworld," and whom I suspect are what "Nietzsche" meant by "supermen." (Note that he considered humans to have no purpose except as a stage in the evolution of "the superman.") The differences between the various types of Satanic possession are beyond the scope of this exposition; suffice it to say that they all instill hostility toward humans.

Tellingly, Mignini did not try to suppress the orgies which reportedly take place in the Perugia area, even though he claimed to believe that they could involve murder. This is because his actual goal was to take murders (apparently committed by organized Satanism), and pin them on innocent people in order to destroy their lives and their minds. He does this by weaving lurid fantasy-versions of "Satanic ritual murder" which involve the murder victim and his (Mignini's) intended victims, and manufacturing evidence to link these fantasies to the real world. Then he and organized Satanism in general attack like piranhas, lying their butts off.

Kercher's killer Guede, I surmise, is also a Satanist. (He seems to enjoy dropping plausibly-deniable hints of this by holding his thumb and index finger extended, and his other fingers curled, thus forming a "666" from a certain perspective.) He probably murdered Kercher at the behest of organized Satanism, and possibly Mignini himself. This would explain Guede's immunity from prosecution for his crime spree leading up to the murder. After all, Mignini (an apparent figurehead for organized Satanism) needed a new murder, and new scapegoats, because his "Monster of Florence"-related "zealous prosecution" had been found to be "mistaken" and had been shut down. The "justice" system slapped him on the wrist for destroying so many lives, wasting vast amounts of time and money, and turning Italy upside down, but it actually did this to protect its image. In fact, the system was set up to serve as a playground for organized Satanism.

Kercher's murder was apparently also partly intended to serve as an advanced form of SRA for Guede, and to give him the impression that it was an initiation into black magic. Although Guede ended up in prison (not even the Italian police could ignore the massive amount of physical evidence against him), his sentence was dramatically reduced, supposedly "due to his age and his clean record." If his record was clean, it was only because the authorities looked the other way while he went on a crime spree leading up to the murder. The real reason is that he's apparently a member of organized Satanism, and of course, to torment Knox and her sympathizers. His lawyer is supposedly still trying to get him declared innocent, and if he actually does, I suppose the Italian government will buy him a luxury crib in some haven for Satanic fugitives from real justice. At least he's no longer homeless, and I haven't been able to find any indication that he is being subjected to SRA in prison, as were Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba. (Sollecito recently claimed he was subjected to physical abuse during his initial "interrogation.") But Guede, the actual killer, is being treated with kid gloves and with SYMPATHY from the prosecutor!

Mignini is a Satanic monster disguised as a modern-day witch hunter, and he's apparently disappeared from the face of the Earth. But he hasn't given up on tormenting Knox yet, as indicated by the Kerchers' insane "crusade to find the real killers" combined with their threats of suing Knox.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mission accomplished! Iraq is self-perpetuating Hell!

Though greatly reduced from the depths of near civil war from 2006 to 2008, shooting and bombings rattle Iraqis daily. Significantly all the elements from those darkest days remain: al-Qaida militants, Shiite militias, Sunni insurgents. Resentment still simmers among the Sunni Muslim minority over domination by the Shiite majority, Kurds in the north still hold aspirations of breaking away. Despite years of promises of better government services, most of the country gets by on a few hours of electricity a day.

Of course there's no explanation, no solution, and no hope.

Sesame Street economic report

European leaders descended on Brussels in a last-ditch effort to stamp out a two-year-old financial crisis that threatens to tip the world into a recession.

In reality, they're driving the last nail in civilization's coffin. Obama's practicing his goose-stepping.

Libyan liberation, NATO-style

Ah, freedom!

Do you see a 666 in these photos?

The white guy in the upper left is the late Scott Cunninham, a prolific author on the occult-flavored BS known as Wicca, and the black guy is Rudy Guede, Meredith Kercher's killer.

Gabriella Carlizzi's "morality"

In the past decade, Perugia’s Monster hunt effectively steamrolled anyone who got in its way. In an unbelievable spectacle of accusations and legal actions more than 20 people found themselves entangled WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE. No theory was too outlandish as Mignini, Giuttari and Carlizzi played off of each other.

So, while they wore their supposed conservative Catholicism on their sleeves (isn't that one the first sentences in any introduction to Mignini and Carlizzi?), their deeds proved them to be monsters who were willing to crush people (including by putting them in solitary confinement) on the basis of their (Mignini's and Carlizzi's) supposed religious belief. Furthermore, their "Catholicism" seemed to consist of their supposed crusade against Satanism, combined with supposedly obtaining inspiration for their crusade from an apparently saintly Catholic priest who had passed away. So, their "conservative Catholicism" was actually just a thin veil over their de facto Satanism. As Christ reportedly said, "by their fruits ye shall know them."

Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's Obama's real "recovery"

Reliable sources on Capitol Hill have reported that the current meetings of the Super-Congress committee of 12, set up by President Obama in early August to bypass Congress's constitutional powers over the nation's economy, are featuring plans for genocide against the American population far beyond anything discussed in public.

Leading the charge are the Democratic Senators, specifically Sens. John Kerry, Max Baucus (of Hitler-health-care fame), and Patty Murray. They are currently demanding not $1.5 trillion, or $4 trillion, but $6-7 trillion in cuts over the next decade. One trillion of these cuts is allegedly to come from the ending of foreign wars, and the rest from "entitlements," i.e., the health and welfare of the elderly, poor, or disabled population.

Well, I'll be damned - LaRouche was right again!

I wonder if those soldiers returning from Iraq will now be doing to the US what they did to Iraq.

By the way, I've figured out how to tell when Obama is lying: his lips move.

Is Carlizzi's "divine inspiraton" the inadmissible "proof" of Knox's "guilt?"

However, many skeptics are not so readily willing to drop Amanda Knox's name from this case. The fierce and outspoken HLN host Nancy Grace explained her reliable outlook on the situation.

"I was very disturbed because I think it is a huge miscarriage of justice," Grace said. "I believe that while Amanda Knox did not wield the knife herself, I think that she was there, with her boyfriend, and that he did the deed, and that she egged him on. That's what I think happened."

When asked about interviewing Knox, Grace replied, "I'm not trying to get Amanda Knox's first interview because my show does not pay for interviews. Second, I don't think she's going to tell the truth anyway, so what's the point?" [Projection?]

This merciless verdict seems to be a general consensus of both the American and Italian publics.

Much like the Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson trials—arrows can be pointing in one direction all day long, but if scientific evidence is lagging, murderers will walk away free.

At the end of the day, society would rather be served an interesting story than a true one.

Note that the article implies that Nancy Grace - who was either duped by the effort to destroy Knox's soul, or part of it - is "reliable," that most Italians and Americans believe that Knox got away with murder, and that we all somehow KNOW she's a killer, who got away with it only because "scientific evidence is LAGGING." (In other words, the physical evidence is out there, but it just hasn't been discovered yet. )

The point of the article appears to be to convince Knox that the world hates her, and to insinuate that there is some inadmissible evidence that PROVES she's guilty (such as a "psychic reading" by Mignini's "consultant" Gabriella Carlizzi, a likely literal witch whose actual passion was lying and destroying lives), and that some solid evidence will eventually come along.

A little research into the Mignini-Carlizzi partnership was sufficient to expose their game:
In 1995 Michele Giuttari took over the MOF [Monster of Florence] investigative squad and by 2002 he had joined forces in a holy war against the Order of the Red Rose (a medieval satanic sect) with Mignini and Gabriela Carlizzi, a spirit channeler. [Note that the Order of the Red Rose is a variation on Venice's fantasy version of the Rosicrucians. The original Rosicrucian order was an actual medieval Mystery school. Venice's fantasy-version of Rosicrucianism was the original front for Satanism, soon followed by the Scottish Rite, the Golden Dawn, etc.]
FOR OVER FORTY YEARS [!!!] those accused of being the Monster or being connected with the Monster have had their lives destroyed as they and their families suffered from slander, finger pointing, shunning, imprisonment, lost jobs and ruined careers. The sixteen families who lost loved ones have waited for decades hoping that Il Mostro would answer for his crimes and although the police investigated 100,000 Italian men [supposedly], most without their knowledge, the real killer remains elusive. [The police probably just claimed to be looking intensely to give the impression that they didn't already know who did it (just like the ONGOING Ripper "investigation"), and to create a witch-hunt atmosphere.]

In the past decade, Perugia’s Monster hunt effectively steamrolled anyone who got in its way. In an unbelievable spectacle of accusations and legal actions more than 20 people found themselves entangled without a shred of evidence. NO THEORY WAS TOO OUTLANDISH AS MIGNINI, GIUTTARI AND CARLIZZI PLAYED OFF OF EACH OTHER. The mutilations became ‘obscene wafers for Satanic Rituals.’ An actor, writer and tramp were accused of being Il Mostro. The rich and famous were ORR Masterminds. A body was ‘switched twice’ by the ORR to fool authorities. The Satanic Trio saw signs of the Order of the Red Rose everywhere and Carlizzi spun fantastic tales of its perversion reaching into the highest offices and the wealthiest families, even recruiting novitiates on the campuses of the University of Washington and Leeds University. Be careful! That Husky might be a Satanist!

But note that the article indicates that Mignini and Carlizzi worked together on fantasy-versions of Satanism, which Mignini then superimposed on reality with lies and brute force. (Further evidence that Mignini got his fantasies from Carlizzi can be found in Masonic theory that put Knox in the dock.) Carlizzi had been convicted of defamation before, but this didn't prevent Guittari and Mignini from again using her as a "consultant," perhaps because, as reported in the aforementioned article, she claimed to be "divinely inspired":
The similarities between the “human sacrifice” blog and Mr Mignini’s account might be considered a coincidence, except for the fact that Ms Carlizzi and the prosecutor know each other well. Ms Carlizzi has been giving unsolicited advice to criminal investigations up and down Italy for many years. The wealthy Roman wife of an architect, and a devout Christian, she was for years the disciple of a charismatic priest called Padre Gabriele. Gabriele died in 1984, and she claims has been sending her messages from the other side. “It’s he who lights me up with intuitions,” she explained to Corriere della Sera. “Then I investigate, I dig. And when I have concrete elements I go to the judges.”
These "concrete elements" were in fact just barely-plausible links between her lurid fantasies and the real world. Later, Mignini disavowed his connection to her, again showing his disregard for truth.

Incredibly, The Monster of Florence Claims New Victims asserts that Mignini's motive for going after Knox was to create a DISTRACTION from his indictment for abuse of office in the MoF case! If anything, going after Knox would demonstrate a pattern of abuse. Indeed he was convicted, but not even this was enough to put an end to his reign of terror. He was simply shuffled into a pack of prosecutors as an assistant, and went right back to crucifying Knox.

I surmise that this was organized Satanism's way of spitting in our faces, daring to recognize that Mignini is effectively above the law. The higher court is obviously working with Mignini, although its role is more subdued and "objective." He was probably indicted and convicted mainly to protect the "justice" system's image.

So, it seems to me that Carlizzi's "divine inspiration" is the basis for this supposed quasi-religious belief in Knox's guilt, assuming that ANYONE still truly believes in it. Mignini and Coven probably assumed that Knox would never be able to get out of their swamp of lies, and that Carlizzi's reputation would remain intact. But when it became apparent that Knox's supporters had organized an invasion, and that their lies were going to be exposed, their "divine inspiration" had to fade into the background, where it apparently remains, whispering "good Italians believe that Knox is guilty."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Guilters" going after key Knox supporters

Another tactic of the pro-guilt group is to attack supporters of Amanda Knox in an attempt to not only silence them but to disrupt their lives. They have repeatedly sought out personal information for Amanda's supporters and have even gone as far as to contact their employers on numerous occasions.

In this case, the "guilters" couldn't win in a fair fight of evidence and logic, so they sought to ruin the lives of those who had a habit of making them look bad, probably by telling their employers lies about them. This speaks volumes about their true goal, which is to destroy anyone possible. Ultimately, their target isn't just Knox, but the entire human race. Going after Knox is a way to torment millions by tormenting a young woman, and then creating a conflict involving millions or billions around it. The forces of evil seek to create conflict for the sake of conflict. I take the opportunity to get "behind" them and expose them, and not just get caught up in the conflict.

The referenced article is quite a long one containing many emails between one of the main guilters (whose website exhibits the typical "guilter" love of twisting everything into its opposite) and a young woman whom he was apparently trying to get under his thumb. He shows signs of being a sort of psychic predator on young women, which is precisely what the "guilters" are doing to Knox, but on a far larger scale and with the assistance of the Italian "justice" system. So, once again, it is made abundantly clear that their interest is not in obtaining justice for Kercher, but in crucifying Knox.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Article exposes Kerchers' dual pretense

"The Kerchers"

So much for "we're still searching for the real killer." This family might be in mourning, but they're acting completely irrational. They're demanding money from a woman in a courtroom to recoup losses from an alleged crime at the same time that they're telling the media they don't even know that she did it.

Touché! Knox should counter-sue for harassment and defamation. She has actual evidence.

I was wondering when we were going to hear from Mignini again - this is actually him, continuing his crusade to destroy Knox. The Kerchers are actually his puppets, and they're playing a double game of pretending to be objective ("searching for the real killer") and pretending to have evidence that Knox is that "mysterious other" - by threatening to sue her. The fact that they're threatening to sue her IS their "evidence." It's more of Mignini's "evidence"-manufacturing, by pretending to have evidence. But Knox has actual evidence of harassment and defamation.

But there might be something else going on. The high court, by asserting that others besides Guede were involved, might be hinting that they know for a fact that Guede was working for Mignini when he murdered Kercher. Note how Mignini, the courts, and organized Satanism in general are trying to paint Guede out of the picture, by focusing our attention on Knox. So, while perhaps slyly hinting at the truth, they're also downplaying the reality to allow Mignini to continue his war on Knox in a new form. This ridiculous threat of a lawsuit would also be another instance of him projecting his own evil onto Knox, his scapegoat and sacrificial lamb. It's so typical of psychopaths to do this. They think they're God, and and they look for opportunities to play God with people's lives.

To find out what they really think, you've got to think about what they're doing until you realize what should be doing if they really believed what they say, but aren't doing. For example, shouldn't Mignini be offering a reward for information on the "mysterious others," and shouldn't he be raiding the orgies which reportedly take place in the Perugia area (a good place for them too, because of its proximty to a ley line), since they supposedly can lead to murder? (What ARE they doing with all of those bodies?)

There are many different ways of looking at this multifarious assault on Knox, and on her supporters who like me end us wasting too much time responding to Mignini's attacks.

Linda Weston's austerity program on steroids

Well, there's really nothing qualitatively different between Obama's death panels (there's actually three, at least: medical, global Star Chamber, and "budget balancing") and what Linda Weston has been doing to mentally disabled people. It would be interesting to know how she got out of prison after being convicted of murder. She makes Mignini look almost human. If she's not an actual Satanist, she's a de facto Satanist, or perhaps a pod. Someone called her pure evil, and there is no doubt that she is a monster.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Guilter" blogger gets top billing, draws heavy fire

In a search for news on Amanda Knox and Giuliano Mignini (who has apparently disappeared from the face of the planet), I found that top billing had been given to Remembering Amanda Knox’s lie, which I addressed in a previous entry, but this time posted in a Washington Post blog by the author. At first, I didn't notice any comments, and I felt compelled to ask the author how much he got paid for his lie, but then I noticed the comments, which pretty much tore the author a new one and made it clear that we are not buying the lies about Knox any more, and that a lot of people are still interested in news about her.

In fact, not even the article's author believes his lies - it's part of the ongoing psywar against Knox, to try to finish what Mignini started, perhaps even before the "poor unfortunate" Guede butchered Meredith Kercher.

Interestingly, Guede hasn't been subjected to any interrogations, PROBABLY BECAUSE HE'S WORKING FOR MIGNINI, helping him to pin the blame on innocent, sacrificial lambs. (We're supposed to believe, at worst, that he started "cooperating" with Mignini after his arrest, to get a good deal. The truth is probably worse.) He might not have completely gotten away with murder, but he's hardly paying the price that he should, or that Knox did.

One of the posts made it abundantly clear that Lumumba was subjected to some fairly nasty SRA while in custody. (Guede, on the other hand, apparently HASN'T been subjected to SRA. I have yet to hear anything about Sollecito's treatment.) It also exposes the racism of Mignini's police-buddies, or at least SRA disguised as racism. The fact that Lumumba isn't going after Mignini just goes to show that the "war on terror" (Satanic reign of terror) is being waged in Italy too. Italy, a hostage to organized Satanism, apparently has a collective case of Stockholm Syndrome.

This also shows that the internet is destroying the Establishment's power to control our beliefs to a large extent, although it reserves its really slimy tactics for really important issues, such as disguising the destruction of Libya as "democratic liberation," and conning us into taking large doses of D3 to weaken our immune systems.

Because of the intense media coverage and the internet, it was like millions of people were in the courtroom for Knox's trial, which Mignini hated because he couldn't cram his pathetic lies down our throats with his terror tactics. He tried to stifle Perugia Shock because it was one of the early sources of inside information, and it probably deserves a lot of credit for getting the truth-snowball rolling down hill.

Did Mignini explicitly confirm my claim about Knox's ordeal?

Amanda Knox was in fact UNknowingly involved in a “Satanic Ritual.” The lead prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini has already been labeled as a believer in the occult, satanic rituals.

Although I can't find a clearer statement, I gather that Mignini said somewhere along the line that Knox was "unknowingly involved in a Satanic ritual." It just occurred to me that he was admitting what HE was doing TO HER: subjecting her to SRA!

This excerpt raises another issue, which is why Mignini doesn't seem interested in doing anything about the orgies which are supposedly abundant in the Perugia area, and which he apparently believes can lead to murder. In fact, they don't - Mignini was just making it up as he went along, combining extreme, disparate elements of Satanism into a fantasy-version of Satanism, in his effort to pin the murder on Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba, and then on Knox and Sollecito after sweeping Rudy Guede under the rug as quickly as possible in order to get back to torturing Knox.

Hellfire Club-type orgies of loveless abandon to one's sexual urges are one of the major forms of the outermost circles of organized Satanism. They wouldn't serve this purpose very well if they routinely included gory murders, whereas orgies are fun if you're into loveless sex, i.e. using others as sex-toys. Knox doesn't strike me as the sort of person who could do this. The purpose of this sort of orgy is to open the soul to a proto-human type of Satanic spirit known as "Jupiter men." As all spirits from this "underworld" ruled by the arch-demon Mammon/Beelzebub (Satan's underworld lieutenant), these spirits are hostile to mankind, although not inherently driven to destroy, as are demons.

This form of possession, as far as I can tell, facilitates the descent into SRA, although it's also possible that much of what I assume is SRA is just an expression of the hostility imparted by Jupiter-man possession. However, Rudolf Steiner stated that there are (or at least were) occult orders who strive to create people with "destructive instincts," which is a clear reference to demonic possession. Furthermore, this typically requires the "cultivation" of "the will for destruction," i.e. the ability to ENJOY destruction to the point where it becomes "2nd nature," which is clearly not the same as mere Dionysian abandon. So, the fact that outrageous cruelty is common in even modern "wars" indicates that it serves some purpose, whereas if it were just an expression of "Jupiter man" possession, it would be discouraged instead of being facilitated by those at the top, i.e. by Cheney and Rumsfeld. This is some of the reasoning behind my assumption that organized Satanism intentionally facilitates the descent into demonic possession.

Monday, October 17, 2011

No, Knox isn't the only victim on the planet

I've indicated previously that my fixation on Amanda Knox is due to the fact that the case has such a high profile, and because organized Satanism has gone way out on a limb to "get" her. However, there are many other examples of such victims; in fact everyone on the planet is a victim of Satan to some extent.

Evil is a great mystery, and I don't want to give the impression that I'm some kind of an expert on it. It, along with suffering, are necessary to some extent for our proper evolution, and they are results of the free will which God gave us. I've concentrated on certain aspects of Satanism which are particularly evil ("radically evil" in Rudolf Steiner's opinion) and on the 8th Sphere agenda of black magic, which is pure evil because its purpose is to destroy mankind forever. I'm not qualified to explain the subtler aspects of evil, and that's all I can say about that. According to Rudolf Steiner, Lucifer and even Satan ("Ahriman") might be redeemed in the distant future, but not the Devil.

The forces of evil have tried to implement the 8th Sphere agenda in a few previous epochs, and failed, but that doesn't mean that we can assume they'll fail without our awareness and resistance, because now that we've attained our current form of consciousness, characterized by scientific thought, we also bear more responsibility for our future.

I actually don't even know whether exposing Satanism is such a good thing, but I feel driven to do it, and I doubt that I'm being driven to do it by evil spirits, who actually have a horror of a mind which is preoccupied with the study of Anthroposophy, according to Steiner, and I suppose of minds preoccupied with similar subjects. A psychologist would probably be able to provide some insights into my motivation.

But in general, the worst victims of our insane governmental policies are victims of Satanism. For instance, most of the soldiers in the "war on terror," and their families, are such victims - some more than others, obviously. Families being thrown out of their houses because of our government's evil economic policies which are interfering with the actual market mechanisms they claim to worship, but then that's the "free market," which is actually totally rigged. (Housing prices and payments should fall because the underlying economy cannot support them, essentially. The existing policies are good for nobody except organized Satanism, which is having a field day tormenting people over losing their homes, and essentially stealing real estate hand over fist.)

But like I wrote above, evil and suffering are necessary to some extent. As Leibniz wrote, this is the best possible world. Perhaps my attempts to understand and expose certain aspects of evil are therefore not evil in themselves. Ultimately, I don't know.

Ongoing psywar vs. Knox and "evidence"-manufacturing tactics

While trying to find recent information on Giuliano Mignini, the criminal prosecutor who persecuted Amanda Knox and continues to do so despite being convicted for crossing legal "red lines" while destroying the lives of about 20 innocent Italians, I found that a news outlet named Big Pond News [>11, just coincidentally] has been republishing old news on the case, so that when I searched for news from the last day, I ended up getting news from a couple of weeks ago. I suspect that the motive is to repeat these lies once again, perhaps to give Knox the impression that some news outfits will never be convinced that she is innocent. In fact, they know that she's innocent, but finding justice was never their goal - destroying her for purposes of Satan was the goal from the start. If not for he supporters, she would still be in prison, or in solitary confinement, as Mignini demanded, thus exposing his purely evil true motive of destroying her mind.

But one of the articles provided me with more evidence of one of the underhanded tactics they used to torment Knox as much as possible while they had the chance, perhaps knowing that she would go free because all of their "evidence" had vaporized under intense scrutiny, which they clearly hated because they knew that their "evidence" was bogus. This tactic was to ACT as if they had evidence, including by claiming that they intend to pursue the case until they win, no matter how long it takes (or until Italy goes so bankrupt that they can no longer pretend it hasn't been for a long time). The following passage illustrates this tactic:
An Italian prosecutor has accused American student Amanda Knox of trying to pin all the blame for a horrific murder on 'the black guy' and urged jurors not to absolve her as a verdict loomed in her appeal.
'If anyone's been crucified by the media, it's Patrizia Stefanoni' - the police forensic scientist whose work has been at the centre of the appeal and who was heavily criticised in an independent review of the DNA evidence.

Stefanoni has said she plans to sue after experts commissioned by the court cast doubt on two crucial pieces that helped convict Knox and her then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito - a kitchen knife that is the presumed murder weapon and Kercher's bra clasp.
from Prosecutors slam Knox, verdict looms [Oct 1st article republished on Oct 17th]

First of all, note Mignini's tactic of projecting his own crimes onto Knox. It was HE who tried to pin the crime on Lumumba, partly by "interrogating" Knox for 14 hours (without recording it or providing a lawyer - both of which are ILLEGAL, although this didn't prevent this snake from effectively using her "confession" in her original criminal trial!). He might have intended to pin it on Lumumba even before the murder, and thus tie Knox and Sollecito to the crime. But because Lumumba had an alibi which not even the Great Mignini and all of his henchmen could destroy (as they did for Knox's and Sollecito's), he had to claim that three people who barely knew each other (Guede, Sollecito, and Knox) decided to get together and commit a murder in the apartment where Knox lived! (They supposedly used a knife from Sollecito's apartment, meaning that they supposedly planned to use it from the start.)

The rest of the excerpt demonstrates a twofold tactic of pretending to have evidence, and pretending to be so certain that it will stand up in court that they threatened to sue the DNA experts who blew it out of the water. Although I can't prove that they won't sue sometime within a reasonable time, I seriously doubt that they ever intended to go through with the threat, because it was all a bluff intended to sway the jury without actual evidence, and to torment Knox by giving her the impression that they might win, and that her nightmare would never end.

Shortly after her acquittal, the Italian justice system signalled that it intends to continue to wage psywar on her, first of all by insinuating that the appeal trial left some stone unturned, and that Knox has therefore not been PROVEN INNOCENT! In the real world, she has been proven innocent, good-hearted, intelligent and free (which is why she was targeted), and no US court will ever turn her over to that international laughingstock known as Italy's system of justice.

So, I assume that the Italian "justice" system will do its best to torment her by letting all the real criminals connected to her ordeal off as lightly as possible. For instance, Guede will probably be out in a couple of years, thus serving about 6 years for murder (most foul), rape, and perjury in a murder trial, and set up in some resort for Satanic fugitives from real justice, for services rendered to the Great Mignini. Mignini might be acquitted on his abuse of office conviction upon appeal, and given a parade with throngs of Italians cheering their pious combination of Eliot Ness and Tomás de Torquemada, like a conquering Roman general, but only because he would destroy their lives otherwise.

Apparent Vitamin D3 scam intended to suppress collective immunity

As a result of developing some sort of a sinus condition a month or so after starting to take 6,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, I eventually started wondering whether there was some connection, and started searching the internet for any indications that there might be one. Well, it turns out that there might be. I made a few posts to my health-related blog (which shows how I've been flailing about for a solution) on this subject, and now it's become apparent that there is a massive disinformation campaign, part of which clearly involves organized Satanism's "grass roots brainwashing" system, designed to hide this connection. In some cases, the same people who push D3 are also trying to steer people away from vaccinations. (I'm not going to touch that subject with a ten-foot pole. All I can say is find a trustworthy medical expert, and good luck with that. Not that it makes much difference, because schools are now requiring students to be vaccinated.)

Besides the highly technical excerpt form a biomedical text which I posted to my blog (not that I understand much of it), one of the few authoritative sources I've found on this subject is an article entitled The Vitamin D3 Scam?, which until I developed a sinus problem and then read the aforementioned biomedical-text excerpt, I would have dismissed as anti-D3 propaganda from the medical establishment.

It's too early to say whether stopping my large D3 intake (I still get some in a multivitamin) will cure my sinus condition, and it might be months before my D3 stores are depleted sufficiently to stop suppressing my immune system.

Economic reality belies Obama's rhetoric (revised)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (AP) – Home-improvement retailer Lowe's says it will close 20 underperforming stores in 15 states and cut 1,950 jobs in a move that it says will allow it to focus on more profitable locations.

This is an indication of physical economic reality, as opposed to the smoke that billows from Adolf Obama's maw in response to Mammon's script du jour loaded into his teleprompter.

Also note that the "Occupy" protests just conveniently sprouted when LaRouche indicates that the next phase of "free trade" is an overt fascist police state. Webster Tarpley indicates here that they are being manipulated by a secret group of apparent military-types.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Establishment stooge slimes Knox

Amanda Knox has returned to the United States wearing the halo of victimhood for a crime she presumably did not commit. But it should not be forgotten that in her long journey toward exculpation, she blamed an innocent black man for the murder for which she was accused.

Either this "African-American issues journalist," associated with Establishment "liberal" media, is still ignorant about the abusive "interrogation" that was designed to force Knox to implicate Lumumba, or he's lying about it. There is plenty of evidence that Mignini was the one trying to pin it on Lumumba, perhaps because he knew that his buddy Guede had done it, and he figured that someone might have vaguely seen him in the area at the time and that it would be easy to pass Lumumba off as Guede, and thus tie Knox and Sollecito to the crime.