Monday, October 24, 2011

Am I way off base about Guede? (revised)

Image: Guede apparently posing by pointedly pointing to pan of apparent rice. Also note that the treble clef on his shirt resembles a 6, which has an implicit CCW rotation, which is a means of symbolizing the Anti-Christ, as in the Nazi swastika.

One thing that strikes me as I try to find information on Rudy Guede is how little we know about him as a person, other than the bare outline of his life, his lack of ambition, his criminal activity, and his proclivity for lying. His image in the media is that of someone who was convicted on the basis of irrefutable physical evidence that he alone murdered Meredith Kercher, but who is still somehow possibly innocent. It's as if he was processed as quickly and quietly as possible only because it was impossible to deny the evidence against him, and given the lowest possible sentence (to which the Kerchers interestingly didn't object) on ludicrous grounds that might seem plausible to the casual observer, in order to sweep him under the rug and get back to crucifying Knox, partly by treating the actual killer far better than her!

Guede hasn't been psychologically profiled, whereas Knox has been "diagnosed" in the media as having all sorts of disorders from sociopathy to narcissism to Asperger's syndrome, the last of which actually seems to fit, but which only tends to exonerate her and to make her treatment by Italy's "justice" system look all the more incompetent and vicious. (But since the viciousness was deliberate, what might seem like incompetence to someone with a conscience was actually competence. Perhaps you recall the case in Baghdad where a bunch of Satanists were starving a bunch of helpless mentally challenged children while sitting in an adjoining room stuffing their own faces, and then posing with the children, who were chained up on the floor. To them, acting counter to human nature is the mark of a superhuman. They've swallowed Satan's BS because it resonates with their narcissistic-psychopathic beliefs.)

Guede's motive was never examined in any detail, perhaps out of fear of where it would lead (i.e. Satanism and/or Mignini), and perhaps so that he can eventually be said to have had no motive, and to be innocent. Are we to assume that Guede would murder someone for just a few hundred Euros and leave PROOF of his guilt, without being a blithering, amoral idiot, or believing that he would be protected from prosecution, or both? There is evidence for both, but there is also the possibility of darker motives, as mentioned in previous posts.

We don't know anything about his sex life (a love life is clearly off the table for him), although he apparently liked to hang out at bars, flirting and dancing with women, although he obviously would not hesitate to crudely cut the throats of other women with the right opportunity and motive (whatever that might be). There has been no indication of whether he attended any of the orgies in the Perugia area, but his known lifestyle could be construed as a sort of "antechamber" to an orgy.

As far as I know, he's being treated as well as possible for being in prison, in stark contrast to Knox's tour of Hell. Nor have the "guilters" done a hatchet job on his character - the same prosecutor who ran out of words to describe Knox's "evil" actually called Guede a "poor unfortunate!"

Why does organized Satanism have so much sympathy for Guede, or at least not the animosity it has for Knox? Is is because he's one of them? It would make sense. Besides all of the preceding signs, he's also a decent physical specimen, which is a prerequisite for being invited into Satanism, since people with decent bodies make the best tools for Satanic beings. Then there's his proclivity for posing for photos while holding his right hand in a somewhat unnatural position which can be construed as a 666.

So, these are just some of the reasons I suspect that Guede is a member of organized Satanism, although perhaps not the sharpest tool in the drawer. Perhaps he hopes that obtaining "magical powers" will give him some intelligence, but there's only one problem with this, and that is that once you become possessed, your body might be controlled by a more intelligent being, but it's not you.