Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amanda Knox, the sacrificial lamb in a Satanic ritual

You will never understand what happened to Amanda Knox until you recognize the nature of Satanic ritual abuse, which is ritualistic in the sense of being repetitive, not ceremonial. Amanda Knox's ordeal was a Satanic ritual, in which she was the sacrificial lamb PRECISELY BECAUSE SHE IS INNOCENT AND GOOD. She is an good example of the human spirit of love, freedom, intelligence and creativity. Much of what is evil is the result of suppressing the human spirit, but Amanda Knox's spirit was cultivated as a result of her upbringing and education, and it is this which this monster Mignini sought to crush. The Italian "justice" system is clearly riddled with Satanists, such as Mignini. It was designed to be their playground.

They aren't finished with her yet, as you can tell by comments on the internet by those who claim to be "true believers" in her guilt, regardless of the lack of evidence. They don't really believe what they're saying - they're out to torment Knox and her sympathizers.

Aleister Crowley advocated murder, torture, and "awful torment" in the Book of the Law, which is perhaps the only admission of the true nature of Satanism, ever. The purpose of SRA is to open the perpetrators' soul to Satanic beings of destruction. They think they've found the secret to occult powers, but the most they get is astral projection, which isn't properly occultism, because it's been made exoteric.

Obtaining actual occult secrets on the black path requires a murder in a precisely specific and horrific manner for each degree, to ensure that the powers granted will be used against mankind. Mignini's fantasy about the Kercher murder contained elements of an initiation into black magic, but totally garbled. This is not the free-form sadism of advanced Satanism, typically conducted in "war" zones.

Once possessed, they become cunning predators, and some then get into positions of power where they can work to destroy civilization. Crowley's "Magick" is a multi-purpose front for Satanism, as are Wicca and Scientology. (Hubbard was an associate of Crowley's. The SRA inflicted upon Scientologists by their "inner circle" includes slavery and physical abuse.)

Satan's overall goal is to destroy mankind, forever. In 1984, Orwell described this as a "boot stamping on a human face - forever," and identified its purpose as "the obliteration of the self." (This is one of the purposes of Guantanamo, and what was done to Jose Padilla.) Actually, the purpose is to literally drive the human spirit out of the world and into the 8th Sphere, a "fake Heaven" created by the forces of evil. This agenda is symbolized by Skull & Bones' "class photos," in which the clock set to 8 symbolizes the 8th Sphere and the table holding a skull and bones symbolizes Earth reduced to an "animal planet" without the human spirit. Note that members of S&B are always to be found manipulating us into "wars," which in recent times have actually been advanced SRA on a vast scale, combined with sheer destruction and the prevention of progress.