Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another detail in Knox's AIDS scare (revised)

While watching the 9/30/11 episode of 20/20 on the Amanda Knox ordeal, I learned new details about her AIDS scare which provide additional evidence that it was intended partly as a form of SRA, as well as to get her to provide private information about her sex life, which was then published by the local media, mainly as yet another bit of SRA in the form of emotional torment. The relevant segment of the show is available as a separate video entitled Amanda Knox: Conspiracy Theory on the 20/20 website. (I could not find a URL specific to this video.)

But it gets worse - it turns out that one of the guards PRETENDED TO BE A DOCTOR, and told her that she had tested positive for HIV. So, this incident was even slimier than I assumed at first - a hallmark of SRA, one goal of which is to conquer any remaining vestiges of conscience. I'd like to hear the Italian government's explanation for how the details of her sex life ended up in the media, and whether anyone has been investigated and penalized.

An expert on the case who appears in the video claims that the purpose for this was simply to get this information into the media to convict Knox in the court of public opinion, but I don't think this explanation is adequate, because admitting that they need to convict her in the court of public opinion (supposedly to contaminate any likely jury) is an admission that they have no good evidence against her, and that they're just trying to convict her in any way possible because they believe she's guilty.

The "lingerie shopping" incident

Another example of this sort of torment is the old lie that Amanda and her boyfriend were seen out shopping for lingerie for her the day after the murder. I did a little digging into this and found that it indeed was one of these stupid lies from organized Satanism (see How Strong Is the Evidence Against Amanda Knox?), which seems to think that we'll swallow anything that they say and get published in the media. I originally assumed that the media had checked it out, and that it was true. I thought it was bizarre, gave up trying to make sense of Knox, and moved on to more important things.

Well, it turns out that Knox had to buy clothes because her apartment had been sealed, and that the person who claimed that they were having a good old time shopping for sexy underwear and preparing for some wild sex couldn't understand their English conversation! So, he essentially made up what he wanted to believe they were saying, or wanted us to believe they were saying. So, when you hear bizarre things like this about someone, you should question the source.


Revision: Removed cartwheel incident as example of fabricated means of character-assassination. It turns out that she actually did one, but only after she mentioned that she had been a gymnast and a cop asked her to do a cartwheel. So she did, and then they used it against her! (See Amanda Knox: Behind the Hollywood smile, a liar, a narcissist and a killer, a headline that shows that the Daily Mail is a major outlet for organized Satanism's black propaganda, in this case as part of the effort to throw Know into hell for the rest of her life.)