Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Establishment stooge slimes Knox

Amanda Knox has returned to the United States wearing the halo of victimhood for a crime she presumably did not commit. But it should not be forgotten that in her long journey toward exculpation, she blamed an innocent black man for the murder for which she was accused.

Either this "African-American issues journalist," associated with Establishment "liberal" media, is still ignorant about the abusive "interrogation" that was designed to force Knox to implicate Lumumba, or he's lying about it. There is plenty of evidence that Mignini was the one trying to pin it on Lumumba, perhaps because he knew that his buddy Guede had done it, and he figured that someone might have vaguely seen him in the area at the time and that it would be easy to pass Lumumba off as Guede, and thus tie Knox and Sollecito to the crime.