Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another of Satanism's failed attempts to convert Knox into a "she-devil"

Knox decided to spend a few months studying in Italy. This got Edda worried because she saw her daughter as too trusting, seeing good in everyone. “I hoped she would learn a bit of fear before she left. I didn’t want her to go through life afraid, but I wanted her to have a little fear as far as self-preservation goes,” Edda says.
CCTV footage that investigators initially said showed Knox walking to the cottage at 8.40pm before Kercher arrived home on the night of the murder, has been dismissed; a judge ruled the quality of the footage was too poor to be of use.

The basic idea behind the "case" against Amanda Knox (who, before she was arrested, insisted on remaining in Italy to help the police solve Kercher's murder, despite her mother urging her to leave) was to create some virtual reality or fantasy (which Mignini did even before obtaining any forensic evidence) and then come up with "evidence" to connect this fantasy to the physical world. The video mentioned in the above excerpt, which was probably completely fabricated (or its time-stamp altered), is a good example of the sort of "evidence" used for this purpose. The same goes for the stories about Knox doing cartwheels in the police station (!) and the one about her yukking it up with Sollecito in a lingerie shop the day after the murder.

It should come as no surprise that Italy is heavily infested with Satanists, since the Venetian empire, ruled by the ancient Cult of Isis, was Satanism's birthplace. London was its hub of operations in 1888, when it announced its mass-recruitment phase (and intent toward mankind: obliteration) with the Ripper terror-spree. As LaRouche put it, London still is "the home of Satan on Earth."

People should wonder how a supposed "fundamentalist Catholic" (Mignini) could put such a patently innocent young woman through such hell, probably scarring her for life. His actions prove that he is the opposite of a Christian. What church does he attend - St. Tomás the Confessor? (Tomás de Torquemada of the Inquisition) It seems that any other Catholic parish would be embarrassed to be associated with him. In fact, he's a de facto Satanist, the essence of which is cruelty and lies intended to cause Satanic possession in the perpetrator, disguised even to the perpetrators as the pursuit of some sort of super-manhood.