Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Article exposes Kerchers' dual pretense

"The Kerchers"

So much for "we're still searching for the real killer." This family might be in mourning, but they're acting completely irrational. They're demanding money from a woman in a courtroom to recoup losses from an alleged crime at the same time that they're telling the media they don't even know that she did it.

Touché! Knox should counter-sue for harassment and defamation. She has actual evidence.

I was wondering when we were going to hear from Mignini again - this is actually him, continuing his crusade to destroy Knox. The Kerchers are actually his puppets, and they're playing a double game of pretending to be objective ("searching for the real killer") and pretending to have evidence that Knox is that "mysterious other" - by threatening to sue her. The fact that they're threatening to sue her IS their "evidence." It's more of Mignini's "evidence"-manufacturing, by pretending to have evidence. But Knox has actual evidence of harassment and defamation.

But there might be something else going on. The high court, by asserting that others besides Guede were involved, might be hinting that they know for a fact that Guede was working for Mignini when he murdered Kercher. Note how Mignini, the courts, and organized Satanism in general are trying to paint Guede out of the picture, by focusing our attention on Knox. So, while perhaps slyly hinting at the truth, they're also downplaying the reality to allow Mignini to continue his war on Knox in a new form. This ridiculous threat of a lawsuit would also be another instance of him projecting his own evil onto Knox, his scapegoat and sacrificial lamb. It's so typical of psychopaths to do this. They think they're God, and and they look for opportunities to play God with people's lives.

To find out what they really think, you've got to think about what they're doing until you realize what should be doing if they really believed what they say, but aren't doing. For example, shouldn't Mignini be offering a reward for information on the "mysterious others," and shouldn't he be raiding the orgies which reportedly take place in the Perugia area (a good place for them too, because of its proximty to a ley line), since they supposedly can lead to murder? (What ARE they doing with all of those bodies?)

There are many different ways of looking at this multifarious assault on Knox, and on her supporters who like me end us wasting too much time responding to Mignini's attacks.