Monday, October 10, 2011

Beast-men run amok in Cairo

Video footage and independent testimony that emerged on Monday called into question army claims that its soldiers acted in self-defence when they killed 26 protesters, the vast majority of them Christian Copts, in central Cairo on Sunday evening.

Although Coptic protesters threw stones at soldiers during the confrontation, a number of witnesses, many of them Muslim, claimed that the army's response was either wholly unwarranted or grotesquely disproportionate.

A number of the dead were crushed to death by an armoured car that ploughed into a group of protesters as they sang hymns and held aloft the Cross, according to several accounts that were given additional credence by the condition of several corpses in a Coptic mortuary.

Behold the supermen, who by definition can't fight fairly, because they're super. So, they don't even try. Such tactics will only fan the flames - a familiar theme. Of course, there's probably a "black bloc" using slimy tactics against the good guys on the police force, thus "justifying" brutal tactics by their Beastly counterparts (but not against the "black bloc," of course, since they're actually on the same side).