Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Body language expert says Knox is truthful; where's Giuliano?

For what it may be worth, a body language expert has weighed in on Amanda Knox, in light of Nancy Grace's comment of her release being a "miscarriage of justice."

According to a report from Hollywood Life, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass says that hand gestures and facial expressions, along with tone of voice all indicate that Knox has been telling the truth about not having murdered Meredith Kercher.

"Amanda is innocent and Nancy Grace doesn't know what she's talking about," Dr. Glass says. "In the beginning of the trial, Amanda seemed immature and didn't realize the gravity of the situation, but in her address in Seattle you could tell her sincerity by the tone of her voice, passion of the voice. All of her movements were connected, no signals of deception. It wasn't contrived, it was really heartfelt, and her tears were of sincerity."

So, she's not a diabolical genius, and the world's best-ever actress (who has remained in character for all of her life), as Patrick Lumumba's script says. Could it be that she's really what she appears to be - an epitome of the human spirit - and thus someone whom Satan and his minions such as Mignini would want to destroy, and might have had in their sights even before Kercher was slain?

We keep hearing how Meredith Kercher is the forgotten one in all of this. "Her" attorney "tried to remedy" this by displaying photos of her fully nude corpse, and her AUTOPSY, in open court, and allowing photographers to take photos of them! He or other members of the prosecution flashed similar images throughout their closing arguments, as if they constituted evidence of anything other than the fact that she was murdered. This was actually intended to shock the jury into irrational hatred against Knox, and as various types of SRA against the Kerchers and the rest of those in the courtroom (some quite young). The Kerchers have so far not publicly objected to this, which is odd unless you assume they're paid mouthpieces for organized Satanism.

But in fact, Giuliano Mignini and Rudy Guede are the forgotten ones. There has been nothing new about Mignini in the media lately - he's being painted out of the picture. Why hasn't the Italian media dug up any dirt on him? Perhaps they'd find some drug use and wild orgies in his youth. We know that he has made a career out of projecting his own evil onto others.

Why wasn't Guede incarcerated before killing Kercher, despite having gone on a crime spree in which he demonstrated a potential for attacking people with knives? That's where the investigation into Mignini, who is obviously sympathetic to Guede, should focus.