Saturday, October 8, 2011

Conrad Black joins Satan's big rear-covering job

Ms. Knox, at the time of her arrest in 2007, was a 20-year-old American woman living in the Italian city of Perugia as a university exchange student. She was convicted of murdering her British female roommate in a drug-and sex-fuelled incident, along with two co-defendants, including her Italian then-boyfriend. She also was accused of criminal slander, for accusing a local tavern operator of the crime.

This is an excellent case study of framing perception in order to get us to forget the sheer monstrousness of what was done to Knox by organized Satanism and its tool Mignini, who isn't mentioned once by name. (There are many other such cases, but the Knox case is a weak flank because it has a high profile, and many likely Satanists exposed their identities, or at least the identities of the humans they formerly were, to join in on the SRA-fest.) What remains is then "explained" as mere quirks of the Italian system of "justice," The West Memphis 3, another case of SRA disguised as a quest for justice, was dragged in, also suitable framed, to show that such "quirks" exist everywhere.

The whole point is for the horror to gradually fade away to leave us with the impression the worst of it never really happened, that all is well (or at least can be explained without exposing Satanism), and to protect those who went on record in what was, and still is, a major SRA-campaign by organized Satanism.