Friday, October 7, 2011

The Daily Mail's soul is synthetic, like its "news"

Since that awful night four years ago, when their daughter was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered, there has been no respite for the Kerchers.

They have had to contend with the onslaught of the Knox PR machine and, against a great deal of provocation, they have remained dignified, stoic and calm at all times. Their composure is humbling. They are a credit to themselves and to this country.

But the release of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito will raise more doubts and worry for them. What really happened that night?

Not surprisingly, this pathetic slime job comes from the Daily Mail. Why should Knox feel like she owes the Kerchers, who supported Mignini and continue to do so, a single penny? If anyone owes the Kerchers compensation, it would be the Italian government for allowing Mignini to run amok and drag them into his "crusade."

By "the onslaught of the Knox PR machine," she's referring to the truth, which would naturally upset anyone working for the Daily Mail, which "accidentally" (hopefully?) initially reported that Knox had been found guilty of murder in her appeal.

Why is the author protecting Rudy Guede? Is his sole responsibility for Meredith Kercher's brutal death - which he reportedly admitted to a fellow prisoner, and which the physical evidence indicates - being downplayed so that he can be released in a couple of years for his service to organized Satanism, i.e. for supporting Mignini's changing lies?