Thursday, October 6, 2011

D'Oh! "Save face" is "code" for Satanism!

In a previous post, I pointed out that if Grand Inquisitor Mignini put Amanda Knox through hell to "save face," he was an utter failure because it only made him look like a monster, which is what he is. Eventually, it occurred to me that "save face" and "saving face" might have been intended to be understood by converting them to numbers, so I did the arithmetic. It turns out that "save face" converts to 47/11 15/6, i.e. 11 6, and that "saving face" converts to 72/9 6, i.e. 9 6. So, all this time, they were confirming my conclusions (assuming they had considered the English translation before deciding to make this claim to English-speaking audiences, which is plausible since Mignini was clearly targeting all Americans who were aware of her ordeal), and , that Knox's ordeal was intended as SRA, and perhaps to paralyze her spirit.